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We know our CONQUERing community is full of Wavemakers — that's why we were excited to recently talk to the change makers over at The Constellation Coalition Podcast. Their mission is to "connect the dots between women to change the world," a goal we can definitely get behind! Listen now to hear...

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mental health fidget rings

Wellness, mental health, and finding ways to manage anxiety are issues close to this fidget-ring brand's heart—so we're excited to highlight Mental Health Awareness Month with three brand new silver spinner designs! Check out "and that's OK.," "It's a new day," and "baby steps," now live on CONQUERing. We will also be...

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Own It Stage

Attention all women and non-binary leaders! CONQUERing's cofounder Tammy Nelson is speaking at the annual OWN IT Women's Leadership Summit on March 6th. The mission behind the University of Southern California's OWN IT conference is to serve the next generation of women and non-binary leaders by helping students build representative networks and access...

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