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  • Silver LOVED Spinner

    When spun, this ring spinner says “LOVED.” This is our #1 most universal design because it's an incredible message to give as a gift and a great reminder to yourself....
  • SELF LOVE Spinner

    When spun, this spinner says "SELF LOVE" We all need a little extra reminder every once in a while that we are appreciated and loved. Especially on days when life gets...
  • "HEART" Spinner

    When spun, this spinner appears as a Heart. Love is a wonderfully mysterious thing. It can make us laugh louder, smile wider, and cry harder than ever before. Love propels...
  • Animal Lover "Paw" symbol Spinner

    When spun, this spinner appears as a Paw with "LOVE" written in the toes. It’s an indisputable fact: life is better with a pet! Our furry friends leave paw prints...
  • ILY (I Love You) Spinner

    This spinner has a symbol for “hang loose” on one side, and a symbol for “rock on” on the other. When spun, this spinner shows the ASL sign for "I...
  • Silberner Liebesspinner

    So wie es viele verschiedene Arten von Liebe gibt, kann unser Spinner „Liebe“ für verschiedene Menschen unterschiedliche Bedeutungen haben. Geben Sie es jemandem, den Sie lieben – Mutter, Oma, Tochter,...
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