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This Fidget Ring features a Black Picasso Jasper spinner paired with a Stainless Steel ring base

Black picasso jasper, also known as picasso stone or picasso marble, is aptly named after the famous artist Pablo Picasso. This gemstone is thought to provide support during stressful times and serve as a source of calming. Many believe this stone to be relaxing, grounding, and soothing, while also helping to make decisions and maintain a level-head. Often associated with the root and sacral chakras, black picasso jasper is often named as a powerful meditation stone with healing energies. 

This stone is a metamorphic limestone featuring streaks of black and gray. The unique pattern of curved lines is created from the heat and pressure within the earth. 

Black Picasso jasper is associated with:


    Important notes:

    This product includes 1 authentic crystal spinner + 1 ring base and a sticker describing the gemstone.

    All our stones are natural so each one is completely unique. We've shown a variety in our listing to give you an idea of what you can expect but, since our stones are made by nature, colors and markings will naturally vary. 

    All the gemstones we offer are rated 6-7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale for durability and to help resist scratches. That said, they are natural stones and, just like the elements outside cause erosion, normal wear and tear should be expected.

    Our crystal spinners are slightly domed on one side. This adds to the beauty of each piece but is also meant to indicate the top of the ring. If clicking is part of how you enjoy fidgeting with our jewelry, we encourage you to press on the domed side for clicking and not the back side.

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