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How It Works

ALL our inspiring fidget jewelry spins & clicks!

CONQUERing® | The Inspiring Fidget Ring | How It works

1) SPIN to reveal your hidden empowering message.

When worn as jewelry, you'll see a unique and intriguing pattern of lines and curves. But when you use it as a fidget and give it a spin, your empowering hidden message will "magically" appear right before your eyes!


2) CLICK the spinner in/out of the base to feel calm & focused.

Clicking our jewelry is soothing and is no louder than clicking a pen. Even better — it can be done almost silently when needed! There are many ways to click our jewelry when you're feeling anxious or scattered to help you feel more calm and focused.

3) SWAP the spinner whenever you need new inspiration to conquer your day!

The best part? All the spinners are interchangeable with all the bases. You can even mix & match colors! Each morning as you think about your day ahead, pick the empowering reminder that will most help you conquer your day.

It's a discreet, always-with-you fidget that just happens to also be a stunning piece of jewelry!


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