Mother-Son Team Develop Patent-Pending Gift That Empowers

New CONQUERing has a hidden feature to help focus

CINCINNATI, January 6, 2020 ( - Hoi Polloi Trends, a business specializing in creating inspiring gifts, today announced the launch of its most innovative product to date, CONQUERing. This bold ring has a subtle but important surprise feature. When worn on one’s finger it features an intriguing pattern of lines and curves with its meaning known only to the person wearing it. However, when the ring is removed and the disc is spun, an empowering message is revealed to remind the wearer of what they wanted to focus on that day.

Jake Nelson, product development specialist, shares that the product took more than two years from concept to launch. He adds that, “We started with an oversized prototype made from paper and then graduated to a plastic prototype we 3D-printed at the Cincinnati Public Library for just 20 cents.” The journey didn’t end there, however. He added, “When all was said and done, we explored nearly 50 design options and 3D-printed many dozens of those in silver before landing on our final design, now produced in stainless steel.”

Founder and CEO Tammy Nelson shares that the ability to swap discs in and out of the ring was the feature that made the ring especially challenging to design. She explains, “We weren’t willing to compromise on this feature because our mission is to empower our customers and no two days are the same. Those wearing our rings need to be able to select the unique focus they need each morning so they can use CONQUERing to help them live each day with intention.”

The discs available at launch are: DREAM BIG, BE HAPPY, SHINE, KIND, FOCUS, LET GO, FEAR LESS, HALF FULL, FAMILY, FAITH, HOPE, JOY and LOVE. Themed sets, made especially for gift giving, will also be available. Additional discs will be released periodically.


About Hoi Polloi Trends and CONQUERing:

Founded in 2011 and based in Cincinnati, OH, Hoi Polloi Trends is a WBENC-certified Women’s Business Enterprise that develops products that use the power of words to inspire. CONQUERing is its newest brand and its mission is to empower others. Products can be found online at

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