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Want to give the gift of CONQUERing? Whether you're unsure about ring size or just want to give your recipient the chance to pick the spinners that mean the most to them, a gift card is a great way to show you're thinking of someone.

Note: CONQUERing gift cards are sent digitally to the email address used to checkout. You can either use your recipient's email address here, or you can forward the gift card from your email once you receive it. 

If you need some guidance on what amount to choose, here's what your recipient should be able to get with different gift card amounts (these amounts also cover sales tax for most states). 


$30 a complete ring (ring base + 1 spinner)
$35 a complete necklace (necklace base + 1 spinner)
$50 a deluxe ring gift set (ring base + 5 pre-selected spinners) (COMING SOON!)
$55 a deluxe necklace gift set (necklace base + 5 pre-selected spinners) (COMING SOON!)

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