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Fidget Rings for Anxiety
Stress and anxiety can cause excess energy to build up in our bodies. Using fidget rings can be a subtle way to release that excess energy. If you're someone who experiences anxiety, fidget jewelry could be a great fit for you!
Fidget Rings for Focusing
Fidget rings can be an incredible tool to help people with ADHD focus. Learn more about the benefits of fidget jewelry to help improve concentration.
Fidget Ring Benefits Beyond Fashion
There are many different reasons that can cause a person to fidget. Check out this post to find out the benefits of fidget rings.
Feel Empowered With CONQUERing
The mission of CONQUERing has always been to empower our customers. Learn more about how we carefully craft our designs so you can feel empowered with jewelry.
Optimize Your Potential With Mood Rings
Mood Rings provide color associations for what mood you could be feeling at any given moment. Use this knowledge to optimize your potential and conquer each and everyday.
Promote Self-Compassion With Kunzite
Kunzite is believed to help promote self-compassion and self-care. Learn how to open up your mind to crystal healing in this post!
Soothing With Yellow Jasper
Yellow Jasper is known for its soothing properties and promoting confidence in the person using it. Learn more about crystal healing with Yellow Jasper here.
Stimulate Your Mind With Labradorite
Labradorite is believed to stimulate the mind to help generate ideas and inspiration. Learn more about healing with Labradorite here.
Gain Prosperity With Citrine
Citrine is known for its restorative properties that promote prosperity. Check out this blog post to learn more about crystal healing with Citrine.
Stay Grounded With Yellow Mookaite
Yellow Mookaite is known for its grounding properties that can bring peace and harmony to the person wearing them. Learn more about how to heal with Yellow Mookaite here.
Restorative Moss Agate
Moss Agate is known for being restorative and soothing for the person using it. Check out this post to learn more about crystal healing with Moss Agate.
Tiger's Eye the Stone of Protection
Tiger's Eye is known as the stone of protection—it is believed that it promotes courage and protects from negative energy. Learn more about Tiger's Eye in this post!
Tapping Into Your Wisdom With Sodalite
Many believe that Sodalite crystals can help one tap into their wisdom and enhance their mental clarity. Learn more about how you can start using Sodalite crystals in your life here.
Smoky Quartz the Ultimate Energy Cleanser
Smoky Quartz is believed to effectively remove negative energy from the environments it is in. Check out this post to learn more about Smoky Quartz's grounding and cleansing properties.
Rose Quartz: The Relationship Guru
Rose Quartz is the relationship guru of crystals. Learn more about how Rose Quartz is believed to strengthen relationships and promote love here.
Finding Comfort With Red Mookaite
Red Mookaite is known for its grounding properties. Read more about Red Mookaite's comforting abilities in this post.
Stay Grounded With Picture Jasper
Picture Jasper is known to be a grounding stone that can bring balance and stability into your life. Check out this post to learn more about Picture Jasper's metaphysical properties.
Prosper With Onyx
Onyx crystals have metaphysical properties that promote good fortune in your future. Learn more about how to prosper with Onyx here!
Embrace New Beginnings With Moonstone
Moonstone crystals are known for their ability to help you embrace new beginnings. Learn more about emotional healing with Moonstone here.
Gray Shell and the Healing Power of the Sea
The Gray Shell crystal uses the healing power of the sea to bring relaxation and harmony to the person using it. Check out this post to learn more about the Gray Shell crystal and its associations.
Diving Into Dalmatian Jasper
Dalmatian Jasper, commonly referred to as the stone of joy, can provide many benefits to the person using it. Learn more about using the Dalmatian Jasper crystal for healing.