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CONQUERclub Rewards Program

Our customers are the BEST! That's why we're saying "Thanks" for supporting us with the CONQUERclub Rewards Program.

Levels Annual Purchases to Qualify for Level Points Earned Per Dollar Spent Bonus points for Reaching Level
Member None 5 150
VIP Insider $100 7 500
VIP SuperFan $250 10 1,500
VIP Elite $500 15 3,000

NOTE: When the CONQUERclub Rewards Program was launched on 11-19-21, we assigned VIP levels retroactively based on 2021 YTD purchases. We didn’t award CONQUERcredits for those past purchases, but by using those purchases to earn immediate access into the VIP levels, members will be able to ear at the higher VIP rates on new purchases right away without having to earn their way into the VIP levels first. 

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