CONQUERing Releases New Empowering Products for Disability Pride Month

New rings and necklaces emphasize accessibility and inclusion of customers with different abilities

CINCINNATI, July 7, 2022 ( - CONQUERing® today announced the release of several new products in its line of inspiring fidget jewelry. In honor of Disability Pride Month, the brand recently launched several new ring and necklace designs including the word "Able," the infinity symbol for autism acceptance, and the word "Breathe" written in Braille.

CONQUERing customer and community member Linda Calabro said, "As a mom of a child with autism and an employee at a school for children with different abilities, life can be stressful. My ring from CONQUERing helps me discreetly deal with my anxiety throughout the day and reminds me to stay positive. Recently, I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on the new infinity symbol ring, and I'm so excited to have a piece of jewelry that I can wear in honor of my son. I absolutely adore CONQUERing's products, staff, and everything the company stands for."

The female-owned company already offers a wide range of products for customers with different abilities and is rooted in acceptance. Since its first product launch in January 2020, CONQUERing has launched four Braille designs, the phrase "I love you" expressed in American Sign Language, and several phrases created for those in the neurodivergent community such as "FOCUS" and "NO LIMITS." The brand is also currently redesigning their website for improved accessibility and has hired Ashley Eisenmenger, a blind member of the CONQUERing community, for her expertise.

CONQUERing Founder and CEO Tammy Nelson says, "We are so grateful for the support of the CONQUERing community as we learn, grow, and improve our brand to be more inclusive and representative of all customers. We hope that anyone who visits our site or purchases our products feels seen, accepted, and empowered to conquer their day."

As a part of the CONQUERcares program, CONQUERing will donate a portion of its July 2022 profits to Autism Canada and Autism Society of America, two organizations who are committed to supporting, empowering, and advocating for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.

To learn more about CONQUERing, visit and follow the brand on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

three disability pride rings in silver on a wood background


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