Tammy Nelson on Happiness, Leadership, & Following Your Dreams

Social Impact Heroes: How Tammy Nelson of Hoi Polloi Trends is Helping To Empower People to Lead Purposeful, Happy Lives: Read it Here! 

At CONQUERing, we're proud to be a company with a mission, and to have a founder who drives that mission not only with our product design, but with inspiring leadership and philanthropy. CONQUERing founder Tammy Nelson was recently interviewed by speaker and author Phil La Duke as part of his series about “individuals and organizations making an important social impact.” Phil and Tammy spoke about accomplishing dreams, having a positive impact on your community, and finding happiness in every situation. Our favorite part? One of her responses to the question, "What are your '5 things I wish someone told me when I first started' and why?":

"Just do the next right thing. Sometimes you can see so many obstacles ahead, you can get paralyzed with inaction. Know this absolute truth — as long as you work to resolve the ONE obstacle directly in your path, you are making progress. And then you can tackle the next one and the next one. And with each one, you will gain confidence and momentum."

To read more of Tammy's interview, check it out on Authority Magazine or Thrive Global

Tammy Nelson