Conquer Your Day With Clear Quartz

Person in front of a fence wearing fidget ring made out of Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz, also known as “rock crystal”, is most often colorless and transparent. Sometimes, this popular stone appears milky or cloudy. 

Clear Quartz is one of the most common crystals found on Earth. It has its own properties, associations, and alignments that can help you determine if it is the right crystal for you. 

This post is to help you better understand your new Clear Quartz ring and how you can use it. If you are looking for more information about crystals in general, check out our comprehensive guide

Get to Know the Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz is known for its clearing properties. 

Many have used this crystal to help with mental clarity and improve self-understanding. Many believe it can also be used to clear out negative energy and cleanse the soul. If you feel like you haven’t been yourself in a while, Clear Quartz might be the right crystal for you. 

If you just got out of a long-term relationship and are trying to understand who you are as an individual, or you’ve just been going through a tough time, Clear Quartz is revered for its abilities to guide you through. 

Clear Quartz is associated with:

  • Inner Strength
  • Understanding
  • Clarity

These associations are how Clear Quartz is believed to help you conquer your day. If you are entering a new chapter in your life and are figuring out who you are, trying to sort out all of the thoughts you have, or just simply wanting to get rid of the weight of negative energy, it might be time to try Clear Quartz. 

Clear Quartz is primarily aligned with the crown chakra. If you have been feeling like you’re lacking focus or are struggling to connect with your inner-wisdom, your crown chakra might be out of alignment. It is believed that Clear Quartz can be used to realign this chakra.

Clear Quartz Cleansing

When you receive your Clear Quartz spinner, you will want to cleanse it of any negative energy it might have collected through packaging and shipping. Cleansing crystals recharges them with positive energy which will make them most effective when you start to use them. 

There are a few ways that you can cleanse your Clear Quartz. After the first cleanse, you will want to redo any of these methods every few months or when you notice your crystal is appearing cloudy. This helps to get rid of negative energy that it might have come into contact with when you wear it out. 

The first method you can use for cleansing is running your crystal under water and then drying it with a soft cloth. You will want to leave it under a running water source for a minute or so. It is important that your crystal is fully dry before you begin to wear it. 

The second method you can use for getting rid of negative energy is soaking the crystal in mineral water overnight. When you take the crystal out of the mineral water in the morning, make sure it is dry before you begin to wear it. 

Another method you can use for cleansing is charging your crystal with the light of a full moon. Leaving your crystal near a window that has access to the full light of the moon will help rebalance your crystal. Using the moon’s power is a great way to make sure you’re always keeping your crystal charged. Just plan to leave it out overnight anytime there is a full moon.

Start Healing With Your Clear Quartz Crystal

After you’ve done an initial cleanse for this spinner, you will want to come up with an intention for how you want to use your crystal. 

Setting specific intentions that are related to its properties and associations charges the crystal with a specific usage for how you want it to empower you. 

Since Clear Quartz is known for its ability to give you clarity, you might set an intention to promote mental clarity every time you are faced with a difficult decision. You could also set an intention for the Clear Quartz to unveil your true self and give you a better understanding of who you are. 

After you’ve decided on your intention, hold the spinner in your hands and repeat that intention to the stone a few times. As you wear your spinner, keep your intention in mind and live in a way that aligns with that intention.

Conquer With Clear Quartz

Person looking at themselves in a mirror wearing silver fidget ring

Now that you know what your Clear Quartz spinner is believed to do, it’s time to start changing your approach to life. 

If you enjoy your Clear Quartz spinner, consider checking out our full crystal collection to see what other crystals you can incorporate into your life.

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