Gray Shell and the Healing Power of the Sea

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Gray Shell is an iridescent crystal that has streaks of light-pink and blue-green. This crystal is formed on the inner layer of the shell of some mollusks. Gray shell is also known as the gray mother of pearl—harnessing its powers from the sea. 

Gray Shell has its own healing properties, associations, and alignments that can help you decide if it might be the right crystal for you. 

This post is designed to help you better understand your new Gray Shell ring. If you are looking for more general information about crystals, check out our crystals 101 guide

Gray Shell and the Healing Power of the Sea

Gray Shell is believed to harness its power from the sea. 

Many have used this crystal for relaxation and harmony through challenging times. It is also known for bringing harmony in your life when you feel like things are out of balance. It is believed to embody the healing power of the sea. 

If you feel like you have just been out of touch with your life or that things are unbalanced, Gray Shell might be the perfect crystal for you to try. 

Gray Shell is associated with:

  • Perception
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
  • Relaxation
  • Sensitivity

It is through these associations that have caused so many to appreciate the powers of this crystal. If you’ve been dealing with a ton of huge projects at work, trying to balance your social life, and just can't seem to find a moment alone, you might try Gray Shell to help bring you some peace and help you carve out your well-deserved relaxation time. 

Gray Shell is primarily aligned with the solar plexus and throat chakras. If you feel that you’ve been dealing with a lot of miscommunication and you’ve been lacking in confidence, it might mean that these chakras are out of alignment. It is believed that Gray Shell can help realign these chakras.

Cleansing Your Gray Shell Crystal

Crystals are drawn to the energies in their surrounding environments. This means that through the process of packaging and shipping, your crystal might have accumulated some negative energy. 

This is totally natural and relatively easy to get rid of. If you use any of the following cleansing methods, you can rid your spinner of negative energies and recharge it with positivity. 

The first method you can try for cleansing your Gray Shell is to put it in the sunlight for a few hours. This can either be done inside or outside, as long as your spinner is in the sunlight it can use its energy to recharge. If you do start to notice the color of your spinner fading, you might try using indirect sunlight instead of direct. 

With Gray Shell being a crystal from the sea, salt water is another way that you can cleanse your spinner. If you don’t have access to water from the sea, creating your own concoction of salt and water will work. Make sure that you let your spinner soak and completely dry it before usage. 

Another method that can be used for cleansing is to use a sage smudge stick on the crystal. Sage is a great herb to use for rebalancing the energy of crystals. 

It is important that every few months you engage with one of these methods to get rid of negative energies that your spinner might have come into contact with while you’re wearing it.

Healing With Your Gray Shell Crystal

Now that your spinner is charged with positive energy, you’re probably wondering what comes next. 

The first step to using any crystal is to keep an open mind about its abilities. If you are skeptical of what your spinner might be able to do, you could hinder its healing energy. 

Once you’ve worked through any skepticism you might have, you will want to set a specific intention that is related to the healing properties or associations listed above. 

For Gray Shell, you might consider setting an intention of finding a comfortable balance in your life after experiencing a series of unexpected events. You could also set an intention to help you find more moments throughout the day of total relaxation time. 

Once you’ve decided what your intention will be, hold your Gray Shell spinner in your hands and speak that intention into it a few times. This helps to charge the crystal with your intended usage and solidifies in your mind how you will incorporate your spinner in your life. When you wear your Gray Shell ring, keep your intention in mind and make decisions that align with that intention.

Heal With the Power of the Sea

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Now that you know what your Gray Shell spinner is believed to do, it’s time to start changing your approach to life. 

If you enjoy your Gray Shell spinner, consider checking out our full crystal collection to see what other crystals you can incorporate into your life. 

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