Hard-Working Virgo

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Zodiac signs are believed to influence a person’s personality, their compatibility with others, and the unique strengths they possess to help them conquer their days. 

At our core, CONQUERing takes a look at all the attributes that make a person who they are and celebrates those features! This is why zodiac signs are so fascinating to us and why we have two collections of fidget jewelry dedicated to them! 

For this post, we will specifically be focusing on Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac. We will discuss what it means to be a Virgo, what personality traits are believed to be present in Virgos, and what designs we recommend for our Virgo friends.

The Foundation of Virgo

All zodiac signs have symbols, elements, and astrological bodies that rule them. Virgos are born between August 23rd and September 22nd. If your birthday falls in that date range, you are a Virgo! 

This sign is symbolized by the goddess of wheat. The goddess of wheat is known for being protective and kind-hearted—both being attributes that you would find in a Virgo. Virgo is an Earth sign, which helps explain why they are so solid and grounded. 

Virgo is ruled by mercury, which contributes to the logical nature of the sign. It is a combination of these components that make up Virgo’s foundation and influence the characteristics that a person of this sign might exhibit. 

Our Practical Pals

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Virgos are known for being logical and practical. They will think through every possible outcome before making a decision and tend to listen to their head over their heart. Their logical nature can help bring those around them back to reality to make sound decisions. 

This sign is also known for being hard-working and can be perfectionists. They like things done a certain way and will work until they are satisfied with the outcome. It will be a guarantee that if you give a Virgo a task, they will go above and beyond in completing it. 

Virgos are also kind, gentle, and supportive. They are the friend you want to go to when you need advice or just need someone to listen. They will give you their full attention and approach what you need from them with care. You will always feel at home when you’re around a Virgo.

CONQUERing Fidget Jewelry Designs for a Virgo

We carefully hand selected some of our designs that we thought really embodied this sign and, like a Virgo, we didn’t stop until we thought the collection was absolutely perfect.

The most obvious option for this sign are our Virgo spinners. You can choose one with the Virgo symbol, one with the constellation on it, or both!

The and that's OK spinner is geared towards perfectionists. We want to remind this sign that sometimes things aren't going to go your way and sometimes you're going to doubt yourself. When that happens, we encourage Virgos to tell themselves "that's OK" and just keep moving forward. 

The CONQUER spinner is there to symbolize that their hard working tendencies will allow them to conquer anything they set their minds to. Through logic and reasoning, Virgos will conquer anything they want to. 

The KIND spinner represents how kind and gentle Virgos are. A Virgo can wear this design and show others that they will be treated with love and kindness if they decide to interact with a Virgo. It also reminds Virgos that in the world we live in, their kindness is so important to making the world a better place. 

The final spinner we recommend for Virgos is the Picture Jasper crystal spinner. Picture Jasper is associated with balance, stability, and comfort, which are all characteristics that Virgos exhibit. When wearing a Picture Jasper ring, it is believed that these traits will be amplified.  

Be Kind like a Virgo

We truly admire the traits that a Virgo exhibits. Even if your birthday doesn’t fall within the range to make you a Virgo, that doesn’t mean you can’t show others kindness and set high goals!

Take a lesson from your Virgo friends and trust your logical side. Approach everyone you meet with gentleness and support the people you love. 

Check out the rest of our zodiac posts to find your zodiac sign and see what designs we recommend for you.

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