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You might have noticed that we have a lot of different designs to choose from when you're looking into getting a ring or a necklace. It might help to first decide if you want a classic design or something with a lot of color. You might also consider what story you want your design to tell about you. You might just want to close your eyes and let fate decide. 

We wanted to make the choice a little easier for you! This post features designs that could represent what you're interested in. 

If You Like Being Outdoors...

Then you'll like our Compass design. The compass symbolized purpose, direction, and protection. If you're on a hike, you might be using an actual compass to figure out what the right direction is to get you where you want to go. This design can give you an excuse to talk about the time you like to spend outdoors with people you meet. It can also remind you to spend time outside each and ever day!

You also might like our Mountain Scene design. This design is part of our Chroma collection—all of the designs in this collection feature a pop of color. This element switches between a mountain outline and a tree outline, allowing you to think of all the beautiful sights you've seen in nature. Since this design is green, you will draw the eye of people you interact with throughout your day. It's a great conversation starter for all of the beautiful places you've been. 

You will also like your Wave CrossBar. The Wave Crossbar is meant to remind you of warm weather and salty air—which, if you've spent a lot of time outdoors at the beach, might conjure up great memories throughout your day. This design is a bit more simple than some of our standard elements if you're looking for more subtle jewelry to add to your collection. 

You will probably like our EXPLORE design. This design will remind you that there are still so many places you haven't seen and so much of the world left to explore. When you are spending time outdoors, you might be encouraged to check out a new place and find uncovered gems that you never would have found in the first place. 

Finally, we think if you like being outdoors, you'll like our Yellow Mookaite Crystal. All of our crystals are believed to have certain properties that are amplified when you wear them. For Yellow Mookaite, it's believed to have strong grounding properties—particularly properties that make you feel connected to Mother Earth. When you're out in nature, it's important to connect with the Earth so you can fully appreciate what you see. Yellow Mookaite is believed to help with that connection when you wear it!

If You Like Creativity...

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Then you'll like our DIY Round Element Bezel. The Bezel design has been used for all of our previous resin Vessel collab elements. With this one, you get to make your own resin design! The possibilities are truly endless here, this is the perfect choice if you want to tap into your own creativity and make something that is truly unique to you. Make sure you have a resin starter kit as well to start getting creative. 

We also think you'll like our CREATE design. This design is a great conversation-starter. If someone mentions your ring, you can let them know what it says and what creativity means to you. You can also talk about what you like to create and how you foster your own creativity. Who knows, you might just inspire someone to start contributing their uniqueness to the world. 

We believe you'll like our Deluxe Doodle Element Set. Similar to the DIY resin element, this set allows you to create your own design for your jewelry. This element is made out of the same material of a whiteboard and comes with markers to doodle with. If you want to change the design you drew, you just need to use an alcohol wipe to start fresh. This will inspire you, and the people around you, to be creative everyday. 

You will probably like our BE BOLD design as well. When it comes to being creative, the only option is to be bold. It's important to be confident with your ideas and to not be afraid to do something outside of the box. 

Finally, we think if you like creativity, you'll like our Carnelian Crystal design. Carnelian is believed to foster creativity in a person. Many believe that when you wear Carnelian, your creative juices will be flowing and you'll be less afraid to take risks with your ideas. If you like being creative but maybe you've been in a creative drought, try wearing Carnelian to see if that gets the ideas flowing. 

If You Like Activism...

Then you'll like our Pride Flag Chroma designs. This design has four different Pride flag options spanning different spectrums of gender and sexuality. When you wear this design, you might be showing everyone how you identify. You also might be wearing this design to show your allyship and that you accept someone for how they identify. 

You will also probably like our FEAR LESS design. There can be a lot of fear intertwined with activism. It can be scary to speak out about what you believe in, especially if it might invite negative comments from others. This design is meant to help you find the confidence to stand up for your beliefs. 

You might like our HOPE design. It's important to have hope when activism is important to you. Hope that what you're doing will make a difference, even if it's just in one person's life. Hope for a better future for generations to come. When you wear this design, you can be reminded that what you're doing is important work and that you're giving others hope that things will get better.

The Change the World might also be of interest too you if you like activism. It might feel at times that you alone can't make a difference. That's not true! Even the smallest acts can cause a huge effect. When you wear this design, you should feel empowered to continue making a difference in whatever capacity you can. 

Finally, if you like activism, then you'll like our Blue Lace Agate Crystal. Blue Lace Agate is believed to be associated with hope and optimism. As we've already discussed, hope and optimism are huge factors in making a difference in the world. You have to be optimistic that you can make a difference and have hope that what you're doing is making a difference. 

If You Like "Me Time"...

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Then you'll like our Breathe design. At the end of a workday, sometimes it can be hard to fully log off. Sure, you've turned your computer off but have you stopped thinking about everything that you have to do the next day? When you finally have a moment to yourself, it's important to fully relax and unplug. The breathe design can help remind you that sometimes all it takes is a few deep breaths to center yourself and begin your self-care time. 

You will probably like our Pulse CrossBar design. This design is meant to remind us that no one is promised tomorrow. It's important to live life apologetically and treat yourself from time to time. This design will remind you that it's okay to fully enjoy your "me time". Buy yourself a little treat, put on a face mask, and tune out the world for the night!

You also will likely appreciate our GOOD VIBES design. When it's time for "me time" you don't want there to be any bad vibes around. To foster an environment of only good vibes, you might need to turn your phone off for a bit, light a candle, and do something that you genuinely enjoy. Whatever it takes, use this design to ensure that your time for yourself is only filled with good vibes. 

Our RELAX design will also probably interest you if you like "me time". This design is meant to emphasize the importance of relaxation. Relaxing is good for both your physical and mental health. It can ensure that you feel well-rested before starting each day. Relaxation is key to "me time" so you should prioritize anything that helps you feel relaxed. 

Finally, if you like "me time", then you'll like our Moss Agate Crystal. Moss Agate is believed to have soothing properties and cleanse your space of toxicity. It can be hard to enjoy "me time" if you feel a toxic energy surrounding you. Many believe that you can use Moss Agate to cleanse the energy around you which will leave you feeling soothed. 

Which Design Will You Choose?

Hopefully, this post helped you narrow down your choice of design! You can also mix and match if a few of the categories resonate with you. You also might want to tell different stories each day. 

You can check out our full list of products here if none of the designs mentioned resonate with you or if none of those categories feel like they describe you. 

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