Mend Your Mind With Howlite

Person holding their jacket wearing a Howlite crystal fidget spinner.

Howlite is a chalky-white crystal that has a marble-appearance from the dark veins that run through it. The marble-pattern varies from stone to stone, making each crystal unique. 

Howlite has its own healing properties, associations, and chakra alignments that can help you determine if it's the right crystal for you. 

This post is specifically designed to educate you on your Howlite crystal spinner. If you're just getting into crystal healing, check out our Crystals: 101 Guide for more information on the practice and the best ways to get started.

Calm and Clarity

Howlite is known as a calming stone. It is believed that this crystal can help quiet your mind if you're someone who is constantly thinking and stuck in your head. The energy from this stone is believed to help you sort through your thoughts, sticking to productive ones and getting rid of negative ones. 

Many people have also used Howlite to help with managing stress. It's not always easy to navigate stress and conflict from a place of understanding—many times, we're jaded by our cluttered minds which can cause us to lash out and say things we don't mean. It is believed that Howlite can help you be more patient and approach stressful situations with love and care.

Howlite would be a great crystal to start healing with if you find yourself in conflict-heavy situations a lot. Maybe you just got a promotion at work where you're managing a team. The additional responsibilities of the job and regularly communicating with others might leave you feeling overwhelmed which causes your mind to be cluttered. To ensure that you are interacting with people in a calm and understanding way, Howlite could be a great crystal to have on you. 

Howlite is primarily aligned with the crown chakra. The crown chakra is known for controlling our awareness and intelligence. If it's out of alignment, you might feel like you don't know where your life is going or how your actions are affecting others. It is believed that you can use Howlite to help realign the crown chakra, leaving you feeling enlightened and in touch with how you're perceived. 

Howlite is associated with: 

  • Patience
  • Wisdom
  • Peace
  • Clarity
  • Balance

If those associations resonate with you, you might want to try out Howlite for your healing journey. Associations can help guide your intentions when you're practicing crystal healing—if these associations align with what you want to gain from healing, Howlite is the right crystal for you!

Prepping Howlite for Healing

There is some prep you need to do before you start using Howlite for healing. When you order any of our crystal spinners, there are multiple people that interact with it from the time it leaves our facility to the time it arrives at your front door. During that journey, it is likely to come into contact with negative energy which is believed to hinder the crystal's full abilities. Don't worry! There are a few ways that you can cleanse the negative energy from your Howlite spinner. 

The first method you can use to cleanse your crystal is running it under a stream of water. Howlite isn't picky with what the water source is. If water from the tap is most accessible to you, that is totally fine. Natural sources of water can also work so if you life near a lake or a stream, you can also use that for cleansing. Leave your spinner under the running water for a couple of minutes to get rid of any negative energy that's following it. It's important to note that you will want your spinner to be completely dry before you start wearing it. 

The second method you can use for cleansing is leaving your spinner in a bowl of brown rice. Leaving your spinner in the rice for a few hours is believed to help suck out any negative energy surrounding your crystal. The spinner is relatively small so it won't take a lot of rice to use this method. 

The third method you can use for cleansing your Howlite is exposing it to moonlight overnight. The moon is charged with powerful energy that can help charge your crystal with positive energy. The best time to use this method is during a full moon—that is when the moon is in its most powerful state. Find a place in your house that has direct access to the moon for the night and leave your crystal there. It will be ready for use when you wake up!

In addition to those methods, you could also use a selenite plate for cleansing. Selenite is a charging crystal that is believed to remove negative energy from anything it touches. Selenite plates are perfect for storage—if you want to display your crystal spinners when you aren't wearing them, a selenite plate would be a great option! We have three offerings on our website for selenite plates: Zodiac, Chakra, and Tree of Life.

Since you'll likely be wearing this crystal spinner regularly, it's important that you engage in one of these methods every month or so to get rid of negative energy that your crystal comes into contact with from daily use. The moon method is a great way to keep up with cleansing because you would charge it every time there's a full moon. Cleansing is an important step in crystal healing—many believe that a crystal charged with positive energy is the most effective for healing. 

Begin Your Howlite Healing Journey

Person looking at their hand, grabbing their arm wearing a Howlite crystal spinner

After you've prepped your Howlite spinner, it's time to start practicing healing! The first step to crystal healing, regardless of which crystal you're using, is to start with an open mind. Ask yourself if you have any doubts about what crystal healing can actually do for you. If you don't believe that it will work, you're not going to have the most effective experience you can. Dissipate any skepticisms you have before moving onto the next steps in the process. 

The next step is to set an intention for how you want to practice healing with your Howlite spinner. Return back to those associations we discussed earlier in this post to guide your intention. Your intention should be specific. For Howlite, you might set an intention to clear your mind before making decisions or addressing conflicts that occur in your daily life. Think about what you're practicing crystal healing for and then work from there to build your intention. 

Once you've decided on an intention, hold the Howlite spinner in your hands and speak your intention into the crystal. Repeat it a few times and commit it to memory. Remember your intention when you're wearing your Howlite spinner and make decisions that align with it. 

After a while, you might decide that you want to set a different intention for your spinner. That's completely natural! Use one of the cleansing methods from above to start with a fresh crystal and repeat this intention-setting process. 

Experience Clarity with Howlite

You're now ready to begin your healing journey with your Howlite crystal. We hope that you get the results you're hoping for with your Howlite spinner. You also might be surprised by what comes from your crystal healing journey. 

If you enjoy your Howlite spinner, check out our full crystal collection to see what other crystals you can use for crystal healing!

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