Powerful Transformation With Malachite

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Malachite is a rich emerald crystal that has a silky luster. Each crystal has unique banding that appears in different shades of emerald. 

Malachite has its own healing properties, associations, and chakra alignments that can help you determine if it's the right crystal for you. 

This post is specifically meant to educate you on your Malachite crystal spinner. If you're just starting your crystal healing journey and just want general information, check out our Crystals: 101 Guide

Grow, Change, and Transform

Malachite is revered as a transformational crystal. It is believed that the power from this stone can help raise awareness to aspects of your life that are preventing you from growing into the person you're meant to be. Many people have used Malachite to give them the energy to go through great transformations. 

This stone is also regarded as a protector—many have used it to ward off negative energy. Malachite is admired for giving people the strength to step out of their comfort zones and let go of past traumas that are weighing heavily on them. 

If you are getting ready to go through a big change and aren't sure how well you'll handle it, Malachite could be the perfect crystal for you. 

Malachite is associated with: 

  • Growth
  • Vitality
  • Transformation
  • Confidence

If those associations align with how you want to practice crystal healing, consider using Malachite to begin your journey. 

Malachite is also aligned with the heart chakra which controls our compassion and ability to love. If you've been feeling like you're closed off to accepting love, Malachite is believed to help realign the heart chakra, leaving you feeling a bit lighter and open to accepting people in your life. 

The Best Version of Malachite

When you practice crystal healing, you want to be using the best version of your crystal as possible. This means you don't want to be using a crystal that's riddled with negative energy. Especially in Malachite's case since it's known as a protector from negativity, you'll want to ensure you're cleansing your crystal when you first receive it—and every couple of months when you're wearing it. 

During the journey from us to you, it's likely that your Malachite spinner will encounter negative energy. To ensure your crystal is operating at its full potential, try using one of the methods below to cleanse your Malachite.

The first method you can use for cleansing Malachite is washing your spinner with warm, soapy water. Get a soft, clean cloth and run it under warm water. Put some soap in the cloth and gently wash your crystal. Make sure you get all the soap off and ensure your spinner is fully dry before wearing it. If you don't want to wait for your spinner to air dry, use a clean cloth to dry it. 

The second method you can try is burying the spinner in the dirt or something connected to nature overnight. Of course, there might be limitations to how much nature you have access to depending on where you live. If you don't have soil outside where you life, you can bury the spinner in a potted plant that you have in your home. What's important is that your Malachite is able to reconnect with the earth to recharge. 

The final method you can try for cleansing Malachite is exposing it to light. There's two options you have for this: sunlight or moonlight. If you decide to go the sunlight route, don't leave it out in direct sunlight for a long time. The best way to do this is to find an area inside that has access to the sun for a few hours. This will prevent any color fading or additional damage that prolonged sunlight can cause. If you decide to go the moonlight route, leave your spinner out in an area that will have access to the moon for an entire night. This could either be inside or outside. The best phase to do this is during a full moon. 

Cleansing is vital to getting the best experience from crystal healing that you can. 

Practice Healing With Malachite

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Now that you've appropriately prepped your Malachite spinner, it's time to start practicing crystal healing with it. The first step to healing with any crystal is to completely open your mind to the potential effects it can have. If you have doubts or skepticisms, it can interrupt the full potential of your Malachite. Allow yourself to believe that you can experience the full effects of Malachite. 

After clearing your head, it's time to set an intention for how you'd like to use Malachite for healing. Remember the properties and associations that are listed above. It's also important to be specific with your intention. For Malachite, you might consider setting an intention to help you fully embrace the change of moving to a new city. Really think about what you want the results of healing to be. 

Once you have your intention, hold the Malachite spinner in your hands and speak your intention into it. Repeat it a few times and memorize it. When you're wearing your Malachite fidget jewelry, remember what your intention was. Make choices throughout your day that align with that intention. 

If you decide you want to change your intention after a while, that's okay! Use one of the cleansing methods to start with a fresh slate and repeat this process with your new intention. 

Achieve your Goals with Malachite

You're now ready to start healing with your Malachite crystal. Life puts us through a lot of changes and forces us to grow as people. We hope that your Malachite spinner will help make those growing pains a bit milder. 

If you enjoy your Malachite spinner, check out our full crystal collection to see what other crystals you can use for healing!

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