Tiger's Eye the Stone of Protection

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Tiger’s Eye is a metamorphic crystal that is amber-brown with bands of golden yellow. It gets the name Tiger’s Eye from the banding that makes the stone look like a tiger’s stripes. 

Tiger’s Eye has its own associations, properties, and alignments that can help you determine if it is the right crystal for you. 

This post is to help you better understand your new Tiger's Eye ring. If you are looking for more information about crystals in general, check out our guide

Tiger's Eye Metaphysical Properties

Tiger’s Eye is appreciated for its protective properties. 

Many believe that this crystal is the stone of protection—it has been used to invoke bravery and block out fear. This stone is also known to promote good luck and uncover self-confidence. 

If you are wanting to stand up for yourself as the only woman in a male-dominated industry, searching for the bravery to apply for an executive position in a school organization, or are just looking to be more sure of yourself, Tiger’s Eye might be the right crystal for you. 

Tiger’s Eye is associated with:

  • Courage
  • Integrity
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Clear Thinking

If you feel like these associations appeal to you, it could be time to give Tiger’s Eye a chance. If you are going to ask your boss for a raise, getting ready for a medical procedure, or looking for a boost of empowerment, this crystal is perfect for you. 

Tiger’s Eye is primarily aligned with both the root and sacral chakras. When out of alignment, you might feel anxious, weighed down by negative energy, or lacking in creativity. You can use Tiger’s Eye to realign this chakra and leave you feeling a little lighter than before.

Cleansing Your Tiger's Eye

When this element goes through packaging and handling, there is a chance it could come into contact with negative energy. To get rid of this negative energy you can engage with any of the following methods to cleanse and recharge your crystal. 

One method you can use for cleansing is to soak it overnight in spring water. Getting bottled spring water, pouring it in a bowl, and leaving your crystal to soak overnight is an easy way to do this method at home. 

Another method you can use for cleansing is to circle your element in the smoke of burning sage. One way to do this is to get a bundle of sage and light it. You would then put the element in the smoke of the sage. You can also use the smoke from sage incense. 

You can also rub your stone lightly with a clean, soft cloth. This method is great when you notice your element getting dirty or cloudy. Changes in appearance are a great indicator that it’s time to recharge your crystal. 

You will want to periodically cleanse your element using any of the methods listed above. Every few months is normally sufficient for the upkeep of your crystal.

Best Use of the Stone of Protection

After you’ve gotten rid of the negative energy your crystal might have collected, you will want to come up with a specific intention that describes how you intend to use your element. 

As we discussed above, Tiger’s Eye is known for its ability to protect. You might set an intention that empowers you to stand up for yourself and share your ideas in an important group project. You could also set an intention to be confident in yourself and your abilities. 

Decide what your intention will be and then hold your stone in your hands and repeat that intention into the element. Repeating the intention ensures that the crystal is charged with your intended usage. When you wear your element, keep this intention in mind and make choices that align with that intention.

Gain Protection With Tiger's Eye

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Now that you know what your Tiger’s Eye element is believed to do, it’s time to start changing your approach to life. 

If you enjoy your Tiger’s Eye element, consider checking out our full crystal collection to see what other crystals you can incorporate into your life. 

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