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The Make Waves Program

Here at CONQUERing, we are on a mission to empower others. We started our Make Waves Program to recognize young voices across the nation creating waves of positivity and change in their communities. Whether they’re speaking out on social media or hosting events in their hometown, we will recognize young leaders who are fearless in their pursuit of change. Each month, the selected changemakers will receive a CONQUERing “Make Waves” ring or necklace and a special-edition CONQUERing WaveMaker sweatshirt. In addition, they will be featured on CONQUERing’s social media channels to support and amplify their voices.

The Make Waves Program was inspired by our Founder's daughter, Olivia Nelson. Learn more about the origins of the program here

Do you know anyone in your community using their voice to inspire change? Nominate someone you know below!


Olivia and Tammy



Olivia & Tammy Nelson

WaveMakers Class of 2021:

Havana Chapman-Edwards January 2021

January: Havana Chapman-Edwards is a young United States diplomat living in Frankfurt, Germany. She is the founder and Executive Director of Girls Have Rights, which is a youth-powered global non-profit providing education through diplomacy to eliminate barriers so girls have access to their basic human rights. Havana is also known for advocacy with gun violence prevention and has been featured on the cover of TIME magazine, the Today Show, and CNN. Recently, Havana started a book club with her children’s choir and has raised over $40,000 for books, school supplies, toiletries, and clothing for girls around the world. We are honored to further Havana’s mission by sharing her groundbreaking work on our platforms. You can learn all about Havana's efforts @thetinydiplomat on Twitter/Instagram.

Allie Weber February 2021

February: Allie Weber is a 14-year-old maker, builder, and award-winning patented inventor. Since a young age, Allie has had a passion for making and creating, using all kinds of tools and materials. Throughout the past few years, Allie has received numerous recognitions, such as hosting Mythbusters Jr., winning first place innovator in the Smithsonian Spark!Lab Invent It challenge, and being named one of the top ten young scientists in the country by 3M and Discovery Education. Some of Allie's amazing innovations include a patented wearable frost bite warning system, as well as a respiratory therapy tool for kids called the Blowdart Spirometer. Allie uses her YouTube channel "Tech-nic-Allie Speaking" to inspire people of all ages to build, make and, create. At the beginning of the pandemic, she organized a global collaboration, called "#StayInPlayin" which consisted of almost 50 STEM youth making videos to keep kids at home playing and learning. Allie believes that "Kids are not the future, we are here now. We are not going to change the world someday, we already are." Make sure to follow Allie's Youtube channel and find her on Instagram @tech_nic_allie. We are so excited to welcome her to the Class of 2021 WaveMakers!

Khloe Thompson February 2021

February: Khloe Thompson is a 13-year-old international philanthropist. She started her own charity called Khloe Kares at the age of 8, which supports the homeless community, inspires the youth to be change makers, and installs water pumps and bathroom facilities in Ghana schools that don’t have access to clean safe water. Her goal is to build a school in Ghana by 2023. Khloe has also published two children’s books and is working on her third. She believes in creating opportunities for other youth to succeed and hopes to make all of her friends and peers know they are loved. Khloe is an outstanding WaveMaker, and we are ecstatic to recognize her work! You can head over to @khloekares on Instagram to see the impact she's making across the globe.

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WaveMakers Class of 2020:

BLM Group October 2020
OCTOBER: Our first WaveMaker recipient is an inspiring group of high schoolers in Mason, Ohio. In June, seven strong young women led a Black Lives Matter march throughout their local community. Ayesha Chaudhry, Mariah Norman, Courtney Banner-Lynch, Janae Hayes, Lexi Fedders, Leah Herbert and Sydney Womack planned the march together after meeting in an AP government class at Mason High School. With lines of marchers spanning a few miles long, these inspiring young women brought together a diverse group of community members in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The rally was a massive success, and Mason community members of all ages were in attendance. We are so excited to recognize these impressive young women as our first CONQUERing WaveMakers, and we know they are going to continue making waves in their community.
Anah Ambuchi November 2020

NOVEMBER: Anah Ambuchi is a rising anti-bullying advocate with a passion for filmmaking. At 11 years old, Anah wrote, directed, and produced an award winning short film titled "Made in His Image," which was based on Anah’s experience with bullying and colorism. "Made in His Image" was accepted into 12 national film festivals and received a special invitation to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Currently, Anah speaks at various schools and organizations about anti-bullying and recently co-hosted a virtual anti-bullying event which encouraged participants to spread love and kindness, and to stick up for those who are being bullied. As an aspiring filmmaker, Anah strives to use film to empower, encourage, and uplift others while bringing to the forefront issues like bullying and racism. Anah is a true changemaker, and we are ecstatic to welcome to her to our class of 2020 WaveMakers. Make sure to check her out @aambuchi on Instagram!

Rebekah Brueesehoff December 2020

DECEMBER: Rebekah Bruesehoff (she/her) is a thirteen year old trans activist who is on a mission to spread a message of hope and improve support for transgender and LGBTQ youth. At the age of eight, Rebekah experienced an intense period of anxiety and depression. However, after hearing the word “transgender” and understanding what it meant, Rebekah was able to clearly articulate her gender identity and socially transition with the support of her family. Currently, Rebekah strives to spread a message of hope for transgender and LGBTQ youth internationally through public speaking, media appearances, and her social media platform. Working alongside her mom, Jamie Bruesehoff, Rebekah provides educational opportunities and advocates for policy changes that protect and support LGBTQ+ people of all ages. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Rebekah to the Class of 2020 Wavemakers. Head over to her Instagram @therealrebekah to learn about the impactful work she’s doing!

Kayla Pak December 2020

DECEMBER: Kayla Pak is a high school student and mental health advocate. Kayla started her journey with mental health in 7th grade and recently began to use her own social media platforms for change. In October 2020, Kayla posted her first video about mental health, and since then her accounts have continued to grow. As a teenager herself, Kayla hopes to provide comfort for her peers and break down the stigma surrounding mental health. She recently became a part of @mentalhealth.mvmt which has allowed her to grow her following and ultimately her impact. Through her advocacy, Kayla strives to remind others they're never alone and inspire them to reach out for help. You can check out some of Kayla's work on her TikTok or Instagram pages @kayla.pakk. We're excited to welcome Kayla to the Class of 2020 WaveMakers!

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