Harmonious Libras

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Our zodiac signs are believed to influence the way we act, how compatible we are with others, and what unique strengths we have to help us conquer our days. 

At CONQUERing, we are constantly thinking of what makes a person who they are. We like to highlight everything that makes a person who they are, so we can inspire the people that wear our jewelry to be their best self. This is why zodiac signs are so fascinating to us. We like to focus on those personality traits that are influenced by the zodiac. 

For this post, we will specifically be focusing on Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac. We will discuss what it means to be a Libra, what personality traits are believed to be present in a Libra, and what designs we recommend for you or your Libra friends! 

The Core of Libra

All zodiac signs have symbols, elements, and astrological bodies that rule them. They also have a range of birth dates that can help you determine what your zodiac sign is. If you were born between September 24th and October 23rd, you are a Libra! 

This sign is symbolized by the scales. The scales are the only symbol of the zodiac that are inanimate. The scales represent Libra’s desire to keep everything in their life in harmony. 

Libra is an air sign which helps explain their indecisive nature. Libra is ruled by Venus, which means they tend to seek out love. It is the combination of these components that make up a Libra’s core and influence the characteristics that a person might exhibit.

Our People-Pleasing Friends

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Since Libras yearn to keep their life harmonious, they tend to bend over backwards to keep the people in their life happy. Doing little things to make their loved ones' lives a bit easier can make a Libra feel fulfilled and overjoyed. This can make them indecisive at times. They want to make sure they’re keeping the people in their lives happy so they aren’t likely to make the decision of where you’ll go to lunch or what you’ll do for the day. 

Libras also tend to be social and seek out companionship. Being ruled by Venus helps to explain this need to be around others. Talking with friends, meeting a stranger, and dancing the night away with their partner will leave them feeling energized. They are likely the person in the room that’s initiating conversation and keeping the vibes up. 

This sign is also known for being incredibly intellectual. They are natural designers and are leaders in innovation. This intellect also helps them to easily read a room and pick up on the needs of people around them.

CONQUERing Fidget Jewelry Designs for a Libra

To show how much we admire these social butterflies, we hand selected a few designs that we feel truly represent them. 

The most obvious options are our Libra elements. You have the option of choosing one with the Libra symbol, one with the constellation on it, or both!

The DREAM BIG element represents their inclination towards design. This serves as a reminder that even the smallest ideas that are running through their minds can turn into big results. When they dream big, they innovate! 

The YES OR NO element is meant to help make some of their decisions a little easier. As we mentioned above, Libras tend to be indecisive. When they wear this ring, they can give it a spin and let what it lands on be the decision for what they should do. 

The FAMILY element symbolizes how important companionship is to them. Libras thrive when they're around the people they love. When a Libra looks at this element, they will be reminded that there are tons of people out there that love them and that the will see soon. 

The final design we recommend for Libras is the Rhodonite element. Rhodonite is associated with deep love, generosity, compassion, and emotional healing. Wanting to keep the people around them happy is in a Libra's nature. Rhodonite is believed to amplify its associations which would aid Libras in their quest for harmony.  

Care like a Libra

We appreciate the traits that a Libra exhibits. Even if your birthday doesn’t fall within the range to make you a Libra, that doesn’t mean you can’t take initiative in conversations or think about the needs of those around you. 

Take a lesson from your Libra friends and lean into your designer tendencies. Think of what you could be doing to make your life feel more harmonious. 

Check out the rest of our zodiac posts to find your zodiac sign and see what designs we recommend for you.

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