Intellectually Curious Gemini

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Zodiac signs are believed to influence our personality traits, compatibility with other people, and unique strengths to help us conquer our days. 

If you’re into astrology like us, you probably already know what your sign is and are interested in how it influences you as a person. We have an entire collection of fidget jewelry with the symbols and constellations that represent all twelve signs of the zodiac. 

For this post, we will specifically be focusing on Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac. We will discuss what it means to be a Gemini, what personality traits are believed to be present in a Gemini, and what elements we recommend for you or your Gemini loved ones!

The Basics

All zodiac signs have symbols, elements, and astrological bodies that rule them. To determine whether or not you are a Gemini, you need to see if your birth date falls in the range of birth dates that fall under Gemini. 

If you were born between May 22nd and June 21st, you are a Gemini! This sign is symbolized by the celestial twins. Gemini is an air sign which helps explain the intellectual curiosity and creativity that is exhibited by people with this sign. 

This sign is ruled by Mercury, which also contributes to the personality traits that a Gemini might possess, which we will discuss in the next section.

Our Playful Friends

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As we’ve discussed, there is a belief that our zodiac signs influence who we are and how we act. 

Geminis are known to be creative and innovative. They are always thinking outside of the box and challenging themselves to come up with new ways of doing things. Their intellectual curiosity is admirable and enables them to be inventive. 

Geminis are also social butterflies. They can talk to anyone about anything and are always genuinely interested in learning everything about new people they meet. Their natural extroversion also makes them great communicators. It can be refreshing to interact with a Gemini!

Their desire to constantly learn and grow does tend to make them hyperactive. They are constantly moving and never allow fear to get in the way of doing what they want. After spending time with a Gemini, you will feel energized and ready to try new things.

CONQUERing Fidget Jewelry for a Gemini

We hand selected a few designs that would be perfect for a Gemini based on their personalities. 

The most obvious option was our Gemini elements. You have the option of choosing one with the celestial twins or with the constellation on it. 

The Moon & Stars Chroma Flip Element represents the duality of Geminis. This sign can go from chatting up someone at a party to spending hours researching their new fixation. The Moon & Stars represent the fact taht they won't let anything limit their dreams. 

The DREAM BIG fidget ring helps to remind this sign how important it is to follow their creative urges. This sign frequently runs into people telling them their ideas aren't realistic—this element can empower Geminis to block those criticisms out. 

The GOOD VIBES fidget ring represents that Geminis are the life of the party. They bring an unmatched energy that can liven a room and leave everyone feeling optimistic. 

The final element we chose for our Gemini friends is the Dalmatian Jasper Crystal fidget ring. Dalmatian Jasper is associated with joy, playfulness, and laughter—all attributes that you can find in a Gemini. 

Dream like a Gemini

We adore the traits that a Gemini exhibits. Even if your birthday doesn’t fall within the range to make you a Gemini, that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and extroverted. 

Take a lesson from your Gemini friends and dream big. Take their infectious energy and start chasing your passions. 

Check out the rest of our zodiac posts to find your zodiac sign and see what designs we recommend for you. 

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