Mischievous Capricorns

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Zodiac signs are believed to influence someone’s personality, their compatibility with others, and the unique strengths they possess to help them conquer their days. 

When we come up with our designs, we think about different traits that make a person uniquely them. We take into account what inspires people, what makes them proud to be who they are, and what makes them happy. This is why we created two different zodiac-themed designs—zodiac signs are believed to be fundamental to who a person is. 

For this post, we will be specifically focusing on Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac. We will discuss what it means to be a Capricorn, what personality traits are believed to be present in Capricorns, and what designs we think truly represent them.

The Fundamentals of Capricorns

All zodiac signs have symbols, elements, and astrological bodies that rule them. They also have a range of birth dates that can help you determine what your zodiac sign is. If you were born between December 23rd and January 20th, you are a Capricorn! 

Capricorn is symbolized by the Sea-Goat, Capricornus. The Sea-Goat is a strange creature that is half-goat, half-fish. The belief is that the goat part Capricornus symbolizes a Capricorn’s nature to keep pushing forward, no matter what. The fish part of Capricornus is believed to symbolize a Capricorn’s emotional and creative side. 

Capricorn is an earth sign, which helps represent how grounded this sign is. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is believed to influence the hard-work and determination that a Capricorn might exhibit.

The Rebellious Sign

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Capricorns are believed to be mischievous. They find themselves pushing their boundaries and occasionally ignoring the rules to do what they want to do. They are the rebellious kids that get into trouble for exploring places they aren’t supposed to be exploring. 

This sign is also resilient. They always keep pushing forward, regardless of the obstacles they might face. The combination of being fearless and incredibly motivated is what keeps them from giving up on their goals. 

They can be a little intense at times. They have been described as cutthroat before and their lifestyle can be exhausting to someone looking in from the outside. They don’t like to miss any opportunity to make enthralling memories. 

Capricorns have youthful souls. This sign shows what it means to be a kid at heart. They like to live a playful life and will always exude youthful energy.

CONQUERing Designs for a Capricorn

We appreciate the youthful energy and willingness to push boundaries that a Capricorn brings to the table. We hand selected some of our designs that we believe truly represent the sign.

The most obvious design we have are our Capricorn spinners. You have the option of choosing one with the Capricorn symbol, one with the constellation on it, or both!

The YOU GOT THIS design is meant to encourage Capricorns to keep going, regardless of the obstacles they face. Looking down at their ring will remind them that they do "got this" and they should keep going on the path they're on.

The FEAR LESS design represents this sign's willingness to put themselves out there and have fun. They aren't afraid to go out in public and be their true selves. They won't let funny looks stop them from living their best life. 

The No Regrets design symbolizes the notion that life always feels too short to a Capricorn. There are too many things they want to accomplish and would rather make decisions that make them happy then think about why they could regret their actions. 

Finally, we chose one of our crystal spinners that could help amplify all of these great characteristics that a Capricorn exhibits. The Dalmatian Jasper crystal is associated with joy, playfulness, loyalty, laughter, and protection. This crystal is perfect to heighten the youthful nature of a Capricorn. It also can help to protect them from people judging them for being their authentic selves. 

Live Life to the Fullest like a Capricorn

We are so impressed by all of the great traits a Capricorn possesses. Even if your birthday falls under a different sign, that doesn’t mean you can’t live life with no regrets.

Learn from your Capricorn friends to keep going regardless of the obstacles you might face. Make people uncomfortable with how authentically you live day to day. 

Check out the rest of our zodiac posts to find your zodiac sign and see what designs we recommend for you.

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