CONQUERing's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

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'Tis the season for holiday gift shopping! Figuring out the perfect gift to give your loved ones can be tricky. This holiday season, consider checking out our product offerings to see if you can find the perfect gift for the special people in your life. 

Don't worry, we won't throw you in blind. Check out this comprehensive 2023 Holiday Gift Guide to start sparking potential gift ideas! If you need a refresher on how to shop our products, consider reading our CONQUERing 101 post for a crash course on everything you need to know before buying one of our products. 

Now, without further adieu, here is your guide to gift giving this holiday season!

Go Back to the Basics

Before you begin your shopping journey, it's important to go back to the basics of our brand. If you're unfamiliar, CONQUERing is a jewelry brand whose products allow the person wearing them to fidget. Whether it be our classic design where the user can fidget by clicking the ring, or one of our more innovative designs, the primary goal is to fill fidgeting needs. 

If the person you're shopping for has never bought or owned a CONQUERing product, you'll need to get them a base to put the various elements you get for them in. There are quite a few options for fidget bases—first determine if you want to give something a person can wear (a ring band or a necklace) or something they can have with them (a keychain). 

The ring bands have the most options to choose from: 

  • You could decide to stick with the Classic Band that comes in gold or silver, and is the original design we launched CONQUERing with. The AlaDune Band also has a more classic look—it differs from the classic band by having a smoother feel to it. 
  • If you're looking to spice things up, you might choose a Chroma Band. These all have a pop of color that would be perfect for a friend that prefers bright clothes and accessories. 
  • You might decide you'd rather offer the person you're buying for an added layer of texture for fidgeting. If that's the case, check out the ViaDeco Band or the CrownCut Band

Not everyone wears rings! You also might not know what ring size to get someone. If either of those are the case, you can check out our necklace options: 

  • There's the classic design that takes one of our classic ring bands and puts it on a necklace chain. This one comes in gold and silver or black and rose gold
  • The other necklace option is the Wishbone design. This is exactly how it sounds, the band that you put any of our element designs in is shaped like a wishbone!

Finally, you might be trying to find a gift for someone that doesn't wear jewelry or already has our ring bands and our necklaces. You can get them a keychain instead which allows them to bring their fidget with them, without needing to wear it. 

Explore Our Collections

Person Holding Various Fidget Ring Spinners

We have three different collections that our elements fall under. There's the classic collection, the crystal collection, and the chroma collection. 

The elements in the classic collection are what we started CONQUERing with. These are simple designs that feature either a symbol or phrase that can represent something important to the person wearing them. Some of our current trending designs are (check out all of our trending classic designs here): 

  • The Butterfly Symbol which is meant to remind the person wearing it that growth takes time and patience.
  • The Peace Symbols have the peace sign on one side and the finger peace symbol on the other side. 
  • Zodiac Symbols would be perfect for someone in your life that loves astrology—we have an option for all twelve signs. 
  • IT WILL BE OK has that phrase on the element, reminding the person wearing it that everything will turn out ok in the end. 

The next collection we have is our crystal collection. Our crystals are incredibly popular—it is believed that each crystal has unique properties that can amplify certain traits in a person. This would be the perfect gift for someone that already experiments with crystal healing or for someone that you think could benefit from crystal healing. Some of our current trending designs are (check out all of our trending crystal designs here): 

  • Amethyst is known for its calming properties and has been known to help people going through loss and grief. 
  • Gray Shell is believed to restore harmony to your body and mind. 
  • Moss Agate is revered for its grounding properties and many believe that it can help restore self-esteem. 
  • Sun Stone is believed to help you find direction when you aren't sure where you're going in life. 

The final collection we have is our chroma collection. The chroma collection is perfect for the people in your life that are bold and love color. All of these designs are fun and trendy—perfect for the fashionista in your life. These are the designs that are currently trending (check out all of our trending chroma designs here): 

  • The Smiley Face is perfect for anyone in your life that radiates joy and preaches positivity. It also has a retro feel for your friends that love retro fashion. 
  • The Yin & Yang shows people that you are always searching for your inner zen. If you have a friend that's into bold designs and also promotes harmony, this is the gift for them. 
  • The Solid chroma element is a more classic design. If you aren't sure what symbol or phrase the person you're gifting would want, this is the perfect choice! All you have to do is pick a color you know they'll love. 
  • YOU GOT THIS is the chroma version of one of our classic designs. If you have a friend that's taking a risk or starting something new, give them this design to remind them that you believe in them. 

Choose What's Unique

Person creating a resin fidget ring using a resin starter kit

When you're giving someone a gift, a lot of the time you want to use what you're gifting as a vessel for what that person means to you. Our Elements element is a new design that has beautifully etched depictions of the elements. Choose what element you feel represents the person you're giving this to—are they passionate like fire? Or maybe they make you feel tranquil like water? Whatever the case is, this is a gfit that will mean a lot and will be unlike anything else they receive. 

When it comes to choosing jewelry, especially jewelry like ours with a lot of different options, it can be easiest to put the power into the hands of the person that's receive the gift. We have two DIY designs where your recipient can make their own design! The Deluxe Doodle Set lets your loved ones doodle whatever they want on the element. The best part of this is that none of it's permanent—they can design something new everyday! The other DIY option is the DIY Resin Kit. This gift allows the person receiving to make their element exclusively theirs. 

Finally, maybe you just have someone in your life that is bold and likes to wear eye-catching things. The Holographic element is bold and sure to be a conversation-starter. This is THE gift for your outgoing friends. The great thing about this design is that each element is unique. Even if your recipient found someone else with a holographic element of the same color pattern, the overall look would still be unique!

Shop by Functionality

Let's not forget that we are a fidget jewelry business. First and foremost, our concern is providing people that benefit from fidgeting with a subtle and fashionable way to do so. You might be shopping for someone that does benefit from fidgeting. We have a few designs that go beyond standard fidgeting and offer new forms of stimulation that could be extremely beneficial for the person you're buying for. 

The BeadBar Roller lets you put various sizes and styles of beads onto your base. This is both fashionable and unique since you choose how to customize the roller. The person wearing the BeadBar Roller can also roll the beads back and forth, besides clicking like our regular fidget designs. 

The Sensory elements come in a set of three. Each of the elements has a different texture on the surface of the element to stimulate the mind in different ways. For someone who relies on texture as a fidget, these would be the perfect gift. 

The Lava Stone element is a bit different than the other two elements in this section. For people that fidget to reduce anxiety, the Lava Stone element would be a great choice. It allows you to drop essential oils into it so you can carry calming scents with you throughout the day. For a friend or family member that deals with anxiety, this would be a great gift to give them this holiday season. 

Look Into a Gift Set

Our Gift Sets are carefully curated sets that either express a sentiment or group together similar products. If you aren't sure about choosing designs from scratch for someone, consider looking into these gift sets to make those decisions for you!

Shopping by sentiment is a great way to show someone what you think of them. For example, our Strength & Encouragement 5 in 1 Gift Set features a mix of classic and crystal elements that represent strength. This could be a great gift for someone that is training for a marathon or battling an illness—you can show them that you think they're strong and that you're rooting for them. We have sets that express other sentiments as well if you're looking to say something different. 

Gift sets are also a great way to go if you're shopping for multiple people. It is important to note that the sets only come with one base so this would be the way to go for people that already own CONQUERing products. You could choose our Glitter Set and give 5 different people a different glittery element. We also have various crystal sets that would be perfect for this usage. 

We also have a few pair sets that would be a great gift to give to a best friend. You can keep one design and give your friend the other. The Sun & Moon Symbol Pair is the perfect example of a best friend set—you choose who gets the sun and who gets the moon based on your personalities and which represents each of you best. 

Think About Accessories

Person closing tube of lipstick in front of vanity with a Deluxe Jewelry Case

You're likely shopping for a CONQUERing fan that already has a few bases and elements that they wear all the time. If you think they're set on jewelry, consider giving them one of our accessories! You can find all of our merch here

You could give them either a Collection Case or Element Organizer Case depending on how many elements and bases they have. The collection case would be better suited for someone that has a smaller collection and wants to put their elements on display. This case makes it easy for them to see every design they have. The organizer case is for someone who has a bigger collection and needs somewhere to store everything. 

For people that travel a lot, consider gifting a Deluxe Jewelry Case. This case helps organize all of your jewelry—and keeps it separated—to make traveling easier. The great thing about this case is that you can put any jewelry in it, so if the person you're giving it to has a smaller CONQUERing collection, they would still have a use for it!

Finally, we partnered with Lion Latch® to create a CONQUERing-branded version of their product. This is the perfect product for someone that loses their jewelry when they take it off. This is the perfect gift for someone that works out a lot, washes their hands a lot, or finds themselves taking their jewelry off a lot throughout the day. The Lion Latch® holds onto your jewelry making it harder to lose. 

Get Shopping!

We hope this gift guide helps you get the best CONQUERing products for your loved ones! We are so thankful for your continued support of our business and wish you a happy and safe holiday season.

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