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Welcome to CONQUERing! Whether you're a first-time shopper or a life-long fan, we are here to give you the rundown on everything you need to know about our brand. 

We'll run through the inspiration behind the brand, all the products you can find on our website, and how to find the perfect size and design for you!

What is CONQUERing?

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CONQUERing is a brand that makes inspirational fidget jewelry. All of our products are carefully designed to keep consumers focused and calm. 

There are two categories that make us who we are: the brand and the product. It is through the combination of these two categories that we have become CONQUERing. 

The Brand

Tammy Nelson, our founder and CEO, started CONQUERing to help fulfill her personal goal of making 3 million people feel empowered in her lifetime. 

Every spinner has a design that is meant to inspire the person wearing it. Whether it's a message reminding you to be bold or a crystal that has metaphysical properties to empower you, CONQUERing reminds you to live with the intention to conquer your day. 

Tammy said, "Our rings won't change the world, but those who wear them will. If we can help you feel focused and empowered to live with purpose, then we've accomplished our mission". 

The Product

Our products go beyond standard jewelry. We sell fidget jewelry to help you feel calm and focused each and every day. 

Fidget jewelry is a subtle way to stimulate your mind without distracting those around you. There are many benefits to fidget jewelry: it can help people with ADHD focus, it can release excess energy when you are feeling anxious, and it can help you break bad habits. 

Inclusivity is also at the forefront when we design new products. We offer the largest size range of any fashion jewelry brand to ensure everyone can feel empowered with our jewelry. We also offer designs in braille, we use symbols that represent highly marginalized groups, and encourage people of all gender expressions to shop our products! 

The combination of empowerment and stimulation are what make CONQUERing so unique. 

What Products Do We Offer? 

Fidget Rings and Spinners in black, gold, and silver in an octagon-shaped holder

We have a wide variety of products and designs to pick from. All of our products are listed on our website. If you don't have time to scroll, no worries! Here is a crash course of everything we offer so you can narrow your search. 

Fidget Rings

Fidget rings are what we first started selling when Tammy and Jake co-created the brand. Our fidget rings work by picking a ring band and a spinner that clicks into the band. 

We offer four different types of ring bands: 

  • Classic Ring Band: The classic ring band is our standard ring band. It comes in silver, gold, black, rose gold, and rainbow.
  • AlaDune Ring Band: The AlaDune ring band is smooth and sculpted, inspired by how sand dunes are created. It comes in silver and gold. 
  • ViaDeco Ring Band: The ViaDeco ring band is inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1920s/30s and introduces an entire new way of fidgeting. It comes in silver and gold.
  • Chroma Ring Band: The Chroma ring band includes brand new colors into the Classic ring band. You can get pink, green, blue, purple, yellow, white, and black mixed with silver or gold. 

Each ring band is built to accommodate any spinner you decide to purchase. The great thing about our fidget rings is that they're meant for mixing and matching. Some days you might be looking for additional stimulation and a specific empowering message while others you might want to stick with the classics. With our jewelry, you have the option to build your ring based on your needs for that day. 

Necklace Fidgets

Some people don't like to wear rings. That's totally fine! We also offer a Classic Necklace that has a pendant on the chain that you can put spinners in.

The necklaces have the same freedom of choice that the rings have—you can put any message, crystal, or other design in the pendant based on what you need to hear that day. 

Our necklaces come in gold, silver, black, or rose gold. They also come in 20-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch chains. 


Spinners are a product that we've mentioned a few times in this post without much explanation. If you're a returning customer, you already know what a spinner is! If you're new here, you probably would like some context. 

Spinners are where our designs live and how you can fidget with our jewelry. They are called spinners because when you click them into the band (whether that be one of our ring bands or our necklace) they also spin. 

When spun, they reveal hidden messages and help stimulate your minds. We have a wide variety of options for spinners! Different people have different needs so we wanted to ensure that there would be designs that speak to everyone. 

Classic Spinner

The classic spinner comes in silver, gold, rose gold, black, and rainbow. It's considered classic because these are the first designs that we built the brand around. 

With a classic spinner, you will find hidden messages of encouragement, symbols that represent different groups, shapes for new ways of fidgeting, braille to include people who can't see, and zodiac symbols for people who feel aligned with their astrological chart. 

The classic collection is a great place to start if you are new to the brand. There are so many options that you are bound to find something that resonates with you. 

Chroma Spinner

Chroma spinners incorporate colorful enamel with silver or gold metal. If you're someone that likes a bit more pop with your jewelry, the chroma collection will be a great place for you to start. 

Within the chroma collection, you can choose solid colors, mood spinners, colorful spinners with inspirational messages, symbols, rainbows, and heart-shaped spinners. 

The chroma collection is great if you like to use your jewelry to express your personality. You are guaranteed to get compliments and start conversations when you wear jewelry from our chroma collection. 

Crystal Spinner

Crystal spinners tap into a different method of empowerment. Our crystal collection taps into the power of Mother Earth to help you conquer your day. We have a blog post that introduces you to crystals if you aren't sure how crystal healing works or would like more information before deciding with crystal to purchase. 

Each crystal has its own metaphysical properties that guide how it heals. We have those metaphysical properties listed out on the product page for each crystal. Pay attention to how you react to each when you read them to see what crystal might be right for you. 

In the crystal collection, we also have a special lava stone spinner that uses aromatherapy to help you stay calm and focused. We offer five different essential oils that target different ailments to help you relax and conquer your day. 

Gift Sets

Our products make meaningful gifts as well. You can always just send a ring with a message that you think your loved ones need to hear. 

We also offer carefully curated gift sets that celebrate different occasions and express different sentiments. We have bestseller gift sets if you aren't entirely sure what someone's tastes are. We also have graduation and wedding gift sets for more specific gift occasions.

We also offer gift sets that are associated with sentiments. You could share rings that remind your loved ones to express gratitude more, or to change the world. Giving someone our rings shows them that you believe in them and love them unconditionally. 

Other Merchandise

If you find you really love our brand, we offer merchandise that features our logo, our designs, and complements for some of our products. 

You can get clothing, water bottles, stickers, key chains, journals, tote bags, and other items that have our logo and our message to change the world. These products are great conversations starters and help raise awareness to the brand. 

We also offer Selenite Charging plates that can be used to charge our crystal collection with positive energy. These come in two different designs for you to decide what aligns with your tastes. 

Finally, we offer three different jewelry holders to store your ever-growing collection. We have a jewelry case that is great for on-the-go, a collection case so you can show off your spinners at home, and an organizer case if you want to separate spinners by category. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Now that you know what products we offer, you're probably wondering where to start your CONQUERing journey. Don't worry, we have a ton of resources that can help the decision-making process easier for your first purchase. 

How To Find Your Ring Size?

This is one of the most common questions we get. As a jewelry business, it's important that we offer multiple ways for you to determine the correct size ring for you

There are a few different ways that you can find your ring size (keep in mind that your fingers are different sizes so it's important to start with which finger you'd like to wear your ring on): 

  1. Check to see if rings you already own and that fit you well have a size on them. A lot of the time, if there is a size on the ring, there will be an engraving in the band of the ring with a size. Using the size of a ring you already have is usually a great indicator of what size you would wear with us. 
  2. If you can't find a size on a ring you already wear, that's okay! There are other methods for finding your ring size. We have a ring sizing tool that can be printed out to help determine what size you are. 
  3. You could also consider getting a professional opinion before committing to a certain size. Any jeweler near you should offer a service to size your fingers professionally. 
  4. You can also use a ring sizer to determine the best size for you. A ring sizer is a great tool to have if you find yourself frequently buying rings. 

Any of those methods can be helpful for figuring out the best size for you. If it isn't the right size, don't worry. We have return & exchange policies for all of our rings to ensure that you love your ring 100%.

How Does the Fidget Jewelry Actually Work?

Another FAQ we get is how does the fidgeting actually work. We have standard instructions on how you can fidget with our jewelry but just know that there are ways to fidget beyond what we mention. It will take some messing around to uncover all the fidgeting possibilities. 

There are three standard ways to fidget with our basic design: 

  1. Spin: Our spinners are designed to rotate in each band they reside in. If you're wearing our jewelry as a ring, you will need to take it off your finger to spin. When spun, the spinner might reveal a secret message, a symbol could transform, or it will serve as a reminder of crystal metaphysical properties. 
  2. Click: The spinners and bands are made so you can easily click the spinner in and out of place. The sound is no louder than clicking a pen and it can help you feel calm and focused. 
  3. Swap: Swap spinners when you need new inspiration. You can browse our wide collection of spinners to decide what messages resonate most with you. Switching out your spinner to support you in different areas of your life will help you holistically conquer your day. 

Our different bands also offer additional ways to fidget. The longer you wear our jewelry, the more ways you will find to fidget! 

How Do You Pick the Right Design? 

We have a lot of different designs to pick from. It can be overwhelming to first browse without having an idea of what you might need to be reminded of on a regular basis. 

A good place to start is to first decide what style of jewelry you would like. Would you prefer a ring or a necklace? What type of jewelry do you normally wear (for me, I typically wear silver jewelry so I went with a silver ring)? Do you want to stick with a more classic style or introduce more color into your jewelry? 

Once you narrow down the style of jewelry you're looking for, it will be easier to pick a design. In terms of picking a design, it can be helpful to ask friends what they think suits you. You can also scroll through all of our designs and see if anything resonates with you. Finally, we do have a personality quiz that matches you with the perfect design.

Start Your CONQUERing Journey

Now that you know everything you need to know about CONQUERing, it's time to begin your journey with us. 

Start browsing our products and sign up for our email alerts to get special offers, participate in give-aways, and to see what new products we have coming out!

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