What started as an ecommerce fidget ring company has blossomed into an innovative interchangeable jewelry brand with international acclaim!

When CONQUERing attended Milan Jewelry Week last year, Style Hunter Milano, a European company that focuses on distributing fashion brands in the US market, reached out to CONQUERing about joining their pop-up shop in New York City. The pop-up will run from April 1 to May 31 at the Refinery Hotel. 

We are incredibly excited to have a physical location where CONQUERing fans can come shop existing and new designs in person! We also hope that we are able to reach new consumers and introduce them to our brand. 

What to Expect

Tammy was recently interviewed by Beauty News NYC where she talked a little bit about the pop-up. In this interview, it was mentioned that there will be some pieces at the pop-up that aren't available for purchase anywhere else yet!

Besides new pieces, patrons of the pop-up can expect to see two of our newer ring bands and our most popular necklace bases plus crystals, shapes, and other CONQUERing favorites! There are instructions at our table on how to choose a base and then an element (or multiple) to complete their CONQUERing purchase. 

Having our jewelry at a physical location will also be helpful if you're unsure of your ring size, what style of jewelry you like, or what you want your fidget experience to be. This pop-up is the perfect place to try out new items to see what might be the right fit for you. 

Take a Look!

We were so grateful to be able to attend the opening of the pop-up! It was amazing seeing our products featured amongst other sensational brands. There are clothing brands, shoe brands, and other fashion brands that you can shop if you decide to come visit us. 

Jake Nelson, our co-creator and Director of Product Development, was able to attend the opening to set up our booth and took some sneak-peek shots to show what the space, and our pop-up looks like. 

Looking through a storefront window with tables set up with clothing and jewelry for sale

This is what the storefront of the pop-up looks like from outside the Refinery Hotel. You can see the various products being offered and how beautiful the space is. It's so exciting to know that our jewelry is right behind that window. You can see our set-up in the back left of the picture. 

Display of CONQUERing products: features boxes holding jewelry, bases, elements, and signage.

Here is our setup! You can see the instructions on how to shop CONQUERing for patrons that are unfamiliar with our brand. Bases are to the left and elements are to the right. We also have more information about our brand in the center for new fans of CONQUERing. 

Check it Out!

All that's left is to check us out if you're in New York City in April or May! We are truly so honored and excited to be a part of this amazing opportunity. Reaching existing fans at a physical location, and making new fans, is going to be a highlight of our year. 

Thank you for all of your support and for helping our brand get to the place it is today. We love our CONQUERing community!

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