Rose Quartz: The Relationship Guru

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Rose Quartz is a pale pink variety of quartz that also appears to be slightly translucent. 

Like all crystals, Rose Quartz is believed to have certain healing properties and associations that are based on its unique energy frequency.

This post will help you understand what Rose Quartz is, how to cleanse it, and how you can use your new Rose Quartz element effectively. 

Rose Quartz Crystal Metaphysical Properties

Rose Quartz is believed to promote feelings of love and compassion when used. 

Many have used Rose Quartz to strengthen their relationships and become open to love again. If your relationship with your loved ones is important to you, Rose Quartz might be the stone for you. 

Rose Quartz has also been known to heal emotional wounds and restore inner harmony. Promoting love and harmony doesn’t just apply to those around you—strengthening your relationship with yourself is a popular usage of the stone. 

Rose Quartz is associated with:

  • Compassion
  • Love
  • Positivity
  • Joy
  • Self-Worth

These associations are what many believe to be the stone’s power to be. These associations can help you to prioritize love in your life. 

Rose Quartz is primarily aligned with the heart chakra. If you feel that you want to be more compassionate or are struggling with forgiveness, you might give Rose Quartz a try to realign your heart chakra.

Restoring Positive Energy to Your Rose Quartz Crystal

When you first receive your Rose Quartz element, you’ll want to make sure that you cleanse it. Cleansing a crystal means ridding it of any negative energy it might have acquired through shipping and handling. 

Rose Quartz is water-safe so it can be cleansed with running water. You will want the water to be cold and preferably natural. Using bottled spring water works if you don’t have access to a natural source of water. 

Another way to cleanse this stone is to charge it in the moonlight. You will want to do this on nights when the moon is particularly bright. This method is good for first cleanses and if you notice the stone start to get cloudy. Cloudiness is an indication that your stone might be charged with negative energy. 

Sage is also an effective method of cleansing your stone. All you need for this method is a bundle of sage. Once you have the sage, you will want to rub it on your element to keep negative energies away. 

Any of these methods can be used for routine cleansing after you’ve begun using the crystal.

Rose Quartz Crystal Healing

After you’ve cleansed your Rose Quartz, you will want to set a specific intention for it. 

Since Rose Quartz is primarily associated with love and compassion, you might consider setting an intention that relates to important relationships in your life, healing your relationship with yourself, or promoting compassion in your interactions with others. 

Once you’ve figured out what your intention is, hold the element in your hands and speak that intention repeatedly into the stone. Keep that intention in mind as you wear the element and try to live your life in a way that aligns with your intention. 

Most importantly, you will want to keep an open mind and heart when dealing with your Rose Quartz element. You will not notice any differences or feel like you're gaining anything from the Rose Quartz if you remain skeptical of it. Keeping an open mind changes your perspective on crystals and improves your mindset.

Find Joy With Rose Quartz

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Now that you know what your Rose Quartz element is believed to do, it’s time to start changing your approach to life. 

If you enjoy your Rose Quartz element, consider checking out our full crystal collection to see what other crystals you can incorporate into your life. 

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