The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Mother's Day is the time to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her. It's a full day that should be dedicated to taking care of her and making sure her needs are met. 

Usually, Mother's Day prompts kids, partners, and other important people in her life to find the perfect gift to show how much they care for her. But, what's the perfect gift for a mom?

Flowers, chocolates, and other typical gifts are nice, but this Mother's Day, you might consider giving her something unique. Something that she can showcase to the world but has a special message meant just for her. 

We've put together the ultimate Mother's Day gift guide that highlights some of our fidget jewelry designs that have special meanings that will perfectly convey how you feel about your mom. 

Classic Elements

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We have a lot of designs! We thought it would be easiest to break up or suggest products by type for this guide. 

The first type of product we're presenting are our classic elements. The classic elements can go in any jewelry base we offer! Here are four suggestions that we think will really resonate with your mom. 

The Heart-shaped Open Element is the universal symbol for love—it's the outline of a heart! This element serves as a reminder that you love and appreciate everything your mom does. when you give this to her, tell her that whenever she looks at it, she can be reminded that there are people out there that adore her and are solidly in her corner. 

The Enough Element tells your mom that she is enough for you. She doesn't need to bend over backwards or push herself past her limits to be enough for you. All she needs to do is be her genuine self. This element is an expression of gratitude for your mom—it shows her that you are eternally grateful that she's always shown up for you. 

The No matter what Element is a symbol of unconditional love. No matter what happens, your love for your mom will always be there. It goes the other way too. It lets your mom know that you're aware that her love for you will always be there, no matter what. 

The final classic element we think would make the perfect gift for Mother's Day is the FAMILY Element. This design is especially meaningful for people that no longer live with their moms. Every time your mom sees this element, she will be reminded that she always has her family, regardless of where they are geographically. It also serves as a reminder that wherever her kids are, they're always thinking of her. 

If none of these feels like the right gift for your mom, have no fear! We have plenty more designs to choose from that might appeal to you. 

Crystal Elements

The next type of element we're going to recommend for Mother's Day gifts are our crystal elements. Crystals are believed to be a powerful tool for healing. This could be physical, emotional, or spiritual healing! We have a guide to crystals that explains how crystal healing works so you can decide if it's the right gift for your mom. 

The first crystal that we think moms will love is Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is associated with compassion, love, positivity, joy, and self-worth. It is believed that wearing Rose Quartz can amplify those traits in a person. Giving your mom a Rose Quartz element will show her that you admire those qualities in her. For more information on what Rose Quartz is and what the maintenance of the crystal is, check out this blog post.

The second crystal we think will be perfect for mom is Amethyst. Amethyst is associated with protection, inspiration, cleansing, intuition, and calming. For most of your life, you've probably seen your mom as a protector—she helped clean up your wounds if you got a scrape, wiped your tears when you were upset, and advocated for you in all aspects of your life. This crystal shows her that you recognize, and appreciate, that she did that for you. Since it also promotes calming, you are letting her know that it's time to finally take a break from being a protector. For more information about Amethyst, check out this post

The third crystal we suggest for Mother's Day is the Onyx Heart-shaped Crystal. Onyx is associated with protection, willpower, strength, focus, and motivation. This crystal shows mom that you believe in her and her ability to gracefully conquer all aspects of her life. Onyx is believed to amplify willpower and motivation in a person—helpful qualities for a busy mom trying to get through the day! The heart-shape is a nice extra touch to remind her that you also love her. For a more in-depth look at Onyx, check out this blog post

The final crystal we are recommending as a Mother's Day gift is Howlite. Howlite is associated with patience, wisdom, peace, clarity, and balance. This crystal will convey the message that you're now ready to sit down and hear all of your mom's wisdom: how did she navigate her 20s, what is her secret to doing everything she does, and what is her guidance to living a fulfilling life? You are also encoouraging her to start focusing on her peace and prioritizing herself. Check out this post to fully determine if Howlite is the right crystal for your mom. 

If neither the classic elements or crystal elements feel like the perfect gift, we have one more section of recommendations for you!

Gift Sets for Mom

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It can be difficult to choose one element that perfectly sums up how you feel about your mom. Our curated gift sets might appeal to you more. They contain multiple elements and have an overarching theme that might feel more right as a gift for your mom. 

The first gift set we suggest for Mother's Day is the Sun & Moon Symbol Element Pair. This set features one sun fidget ring and one moon fidget ring. You can give one to your mom and keep the other. Just like the sun and the moon, you and your mom have an unbreakable bond. When you both wear these, you will be reminded that you always have each other, and because of that, you're stronger. 

The second gift set that is perfect for your mom is the Self Care 5 in 1 Gift Set. This gift set is a combination of our classic and crystal elements. Moms aren't always prioritizing themselves. This gift set will remind your mom that she should be engaging in self care more, and that you can help to make sure she gets that time to herself. 

The classic elements featured in this gift set serve as a reminder to let go of things that are out of her control, to set boundaries that protect her peace, and that in the end, everything will be okay. The elements included are: 

The crystal elements featured in this gift set promote inner strength and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. The crystal elements included are: 

The third gift set we recommend as a Mother's Day gift is the Lava Stone Aromatherapy Gift Set. Aromatherapy is a complementary health practice that promotes healing and wellness in various aspects of one's life. This gift set features our Lava Stone element (you can run the essential oils on the lava stone and the scent will follow you for the day) and 5 different essential oils. Being a mom can be stressful! This gift set shows her that you want to help her deal with that stress and conquer her daily life. 

The essential oils featured in this gift set are: 

  • Bergamot: to uplift her mood
  • Lemongrass: to reduce her stress and anxiety
  • Eucalyptus: to provide her with energy
  • Peppermint: to improve concentration and focus
  • Lavender: to encourage relaxation

The final gift we recommend is a catch-all. The Classic Best Sellers 5 in 1 Gift Set is a great choice if you're not sure what design she would like. This gift set features five of our bestselling classic designs that she will be sure to love! The elements featured in this set are: 

If you still aren't sold on these recommendations, you can check out our full product offerings to see all of our designs!

Celebrate Mom

At the end of the day, the most important thing you can do on Mother's Day is to tell her how much you love her. Take the day to truly celebrate her—make her breakfast, clean the house for her, and make sure everything is about her. 

We hope you have a great Mother's Day and were able to find her the perfect gift with this guide!


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