Fidget Rings for Anxiety

When we experience stress or anxiety, excess energy builds up in our bodies. There are many ways that the energy is released, one of which being fidgeting. 

You might notice yourself bouncing your leg, tapping your pen, drumming your fingers on your desk, or wriggling in your chair when you feel anxious. These forms of fidgeting can be distracting to the people around you. 

Fidget rings can provide you with a subtle way of releasing that excess energy. You are able to start feeling the calming effects of fidgeting and your coworkers can continue to work without distractions. 

In this post, we will explore how calming with fidget rings works and the various benefits of using fidget rings for anxiety.

Calming With Fidget Rings

Before we discuss how you can use fidget rings to calm stress and anxiety, it is important to note that fidget rings should not be used as a replacement for any treatments you practice. Fidget rings should be used in addition to any already established treatments for stress and anxiety. 

Most fidget rings have multiple different ways that they can be messed around with. In our case, you can spin the element in the ring band, you can click the ring element and you can press the ring band into your finger. 

Each of those methods of fidgeting can help to bring feelings of calmness when you start to experience stress or anxiety. When you start to mess around with the ring and experience feelings of calmness, you begin to associate the ring with soothing

Once you have that association the ring can become a comfort object for you. It can provide reassurance when you wear it in situations that you know cause you extra stress or anxiety. 

After you start experimenting with what type of fidgeting works best for you, you can start to reap the benefits of wearing fidget jewelry.

Benefits of Stress Related Fidgeting

There are a few different situations that make the benefits of wearing a fidget ring clear. 

The first situation where fidget rings can be beneficial are when you feel the beginning of a panic attack starting. When you feel the onset of a panic attack, apply pressure to the fidget ring. Applying pressure sends signals to your brain to focus on what you’re doing with your hands, instead of what is causing you anxiety. 

Messing around with your fidget ring in these situations brings you back to the present and can help the panic attack from developing further. 

The second situation where fidget rings can be beneficial is if you know that you fidget a lot when you experience stress or anxiety. As we mentioned earlier in this post, when you are stressed or anxious you have excess energy that needs to be released somehow. 

Fidget rings can provide you with a discreet way to get that energy out. The people you’re around will have no idea that you’re feeling stressed and anxious and you can start to calm down. 

The third situation where fidget rings can be beneficial is if you are trying to figure out what triggers stress and anxiety in your life. When you go to start fidgeting with your ring, pay attention to what is happening in your environment that makes you want to fidget. 

You will start to pick up on patterns and learn what your triggers are to hopefully start avoiding those triggers to help manage the stress and anxiety you experience throughout the day. 

Finally, fidget rings can be beneficial if you experience anxiety related to public speaking. It can be really stressful to prepare for a huge presentation for a final project in school or an important presentation in front of your boss at work. 

Fidget rings can help you discreetly fidget before the presentation and even during to help ease your nerves without distracting the people watching your presentation.

Mange Stress and Anxiety With Fidget Rings

Now that you have more information on calming with fidget rings, it’s time to get your own!

Fidget rings can truly make you more aware of how much stress you truly encounter throughout the day. Learning how to cope through fidgeting can help improve your mental and physical health. 

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