Meet Jake Nelson

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Jake Nelson is one of the co-creators of CONQUERing. At only 24 years old, Jake is a product marketing manager and has helped grow the brand into the Inc. 5000 company that it is today. 

Keep reading to learn more about Jake’s role in CONQUERing, where he draws inspiration from, and some fun facts about his life!

Jake: The Product Marketing Manager

Jake has been involved with the business since the very beginning. When Tammy was first developing the product and what the brand would be, Jake was there to offer creative insight and support for his mom. 

“If anyone would be able to start a jewelry business from the ground up, it would be my mom! She’s organized, supportive, and most of all, extremely motivated to achieve her goals of empowering others. While we’re pretty different people, we tend to make each other’s ideas at least 50% better, just by talking through them. This is how we’ve come up with most of our best ideas.”

Jake came on to work full-time for CONQUERing as the product marketing manager in 2020. He develops new products, leads the design team, does product photography, manages the website, manages inventory and works with manufacturing.

In this role, Jake has overseen production on most of the products offered. He has also helped grow the product line from just fidget rings to necklaces, clothing, water bottles, and more. 

If you’ve ever wondered how we come up with certain designs and styles, look no further! We spoke to Jake to find out where he gets his creative inspiration from.

Jake: The Creative

The Mother-Son team credits part of their success to their age gap. Because they have different perspectives and are part of different generations, they have a lot more to draw from for inspiration and their combined influence has resulted in a very large target market.

The demographics of their customer base are vast – from those in their teens to those 50+ and they have purposely focused on developing a universal design that is not gender-specific so the opportunity is massive.

Ideas come from what’s trending in pop culture – everything from music, gaming, TV, movies and fashion are places they gain inspiration. The brand is very active in all major social channels so inspiration and trends often come from there, as well.

Finally, their own customers are the single biggest source of ideas for new products and designs. Jake often creates customer surveys and also keeps a database of customer ideas that come via email, their website contact form and from comments during live streams on their social platforms that they draw from when developing new products.

Jake: Outside of the Office

Jake has a lot of interests and hobbies that he likes to pursue when he isn’t working on CONQUERing!

He has been a musician for 13 years playing piano, drumset, and singing. When he was in high school, he played with School of Rock. During his time at Miami University, Jake was a member of the acapella group, Open Fifth. Besides playing instruments, he also writes music! Most of his music creation is done on his laptop and a MIDI keyboard piano. 

Jake is a huge gamer, as well. He has a PS5 that he plays nearly every day when he is finished with his work with CONQUERing.

He is a 3rd-degree Black Belt in Martial Arts. The level of patience, focus, and dedication it takes to reach that level has helped make CONQUERing as successful as it is! 

Jake: The Person

Now you know more about Jake Nelson, one of the co-creators of CONQUERing. 

“Our success came more quickly than I ever could’ve imagined, but that doesn’t mean it was easy. We’ve built something to be proud of; a foundation for what lies ahead. We have so many exciting paths forward, with new ideas to help inspire and interact with our customers.”

“I’ve always considered myself a helpful person, but to be able to inspire thousands upon thousands of customers with our rings, is such an amazing feeling. Knowing that our seemingly simple idea is TRULY helping people, and resonating with them, is all I could ever ask for!”

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