What Your Go-To CONQUERing Says About You

Five people sitting in different colored chairs wearing various types of fidget jewelry

Since CONQUERing's conception, the business has grown beyond our wildest dreams. We expanded our product offerings to include different metal types, jewelry types, and innovative new elements. 

Now that we have so many different product offerings, we thought it would be fun to write a post that tells you what your go-to styles say about you! The characteristics we attribute to each type of jewelry are entirely subjective—regardless of what we say your go-to CONQUERing product says, you are unique, strong, and incredible. 

Let's get into what your different jewelry preferences say about you!

Metal Types

We are going to start with different metal types. Across our website, we have five different metal types: black, silver, gold, rose gold, and rainbow. 

If you prefer black as your metal, you might tend to be more introverted. When you're out in a group of people, you prefer to stick to yourself or your small group of friends. However, you are also great at observing those around you. You can immediately pick up on the energy in a room and respond to whatever mood the people around you exhibit. You are also incredibly loyal—it might be hard to get you to open up but once you do, you are loyal to that person for the rest of your life. You also might like to challenge the status quo. You don't conform to certain trends, you are unapologetically yourself! 

If you prefer silver as your metal, you might be an extroverted introvert. You can go out and talk to people easily, but at the end of the day you need your alone time to decompress and recharge. You tend to think logically. You are probably the planner of the group that makes decisions about what restaurant you might eat at or what location you'll go to for a fun trip. You also might have an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality. You know what you like and will stick with it since it brings you joy. You also probably deeply care for the people in your life. You tend to bend over backwards to make sure those you love feel appreciated and cared for. 

If you prefer gold as your metal, you are definitely extroverted. You are the life of the party anytime you're in a group of people. Your warm personality just gravitates people towards you. You might also be spontaneous. You're always down for trying something new or going on a fun adventure. You are also incredibly sweet. You remember details about people and whenever you see them, they are impressed and touched that you remembered so much about them. You also are just a warm person. You radiate positive energy and leave people feeling good anytime they hang out with you. 

If you prefer rose gold as your metal, you are also extroverted, but in a different way than gold jewelry people are. You don't have any fears about talking to strangers, public speaking, or going on blind dates. You also love pampering yourself. You are always down to go get mani-pedis with friends or have a relaxing spa day. You are likely very organized—you might have a million different things going on but you know exactly where you need to be and what you need to bring at any given moment. You also probably like to travel. People who prefer rose gold are always down for a quick day trip or a long vacation to somewhere far away. They have the best recommendations for places to go and what to do when you're there. 

If you prefer rainbow as your metal, you are also likely extroverted. You probably like to wear a lot of bright clothes and absolutely rock eccentric accessories. You might be creative. You are likely into some medium of art and always buzzing about your next creative project. People who prefer rainbow as the metal for their jewelry are likely dreamers. You have a lot of ambitions and dreams that you will accomplish in your lifetime. The people in your life are inspired by your mind and what it can come up with. You also likely give the best advice. You get people to come out of their comfort zones and you are the best personal cheerleader for all the people in your life. 

Base Types

Person outside wearing fidget rings, bracelets, and a necklace

Next, we are going to dissect what your preferred base type says about you. We have quite a few bases to choose from. For the purposes of this post, we are going to simplify our options a bit into rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Within each of those categories, however, there are plenty of different style options. You can see our full offering of bases here

If you prefer a ring as your base, you like to stick to the classics. You might be hesitant about change and like to stick with what you know. You are extremely loyal. You will always go to bat for your friends and make connections with people that last a lifetime. Your friends can depend on you to be there for them. You might be risk-averse. Your friends might see you as the "parent friend" of the group because you keep everyone in line. 

If you prefer a necklace as your base, you probably like to be bold. You like to make a statement when you leave the house, whether that be with what you're wearing or what you're doing. You also probably feel very protective over your friends and family. You aren't afraid to do what it takes to stick up for the people that you love. You are also likely adventurous. You are the friend that is experimenting with new styles, trying new types of food, or moving to a new location. You might also be an incredible storyteller. You captivate anyone who's around you when you share anecdotes about your life. 

If you prefer a bracelet as your base, you are probably effortlessly cool. You have this captivating aura about you that draws people in. People either want to be close to you or be you when they encounter you. You're always introducing the people in your life to something new—a new band, new tv-show, new book, you name it. People also trust your suggestions and opinions because you're always introducing them to quality things. You might not always be in-tune with reality. You probably day dream a lot and need to snap back into the present from time to time. You also might be very passionate. When you're interested in something, you dedicate everything you have to it. 

Collection Type

Finally, we attributed personalities to the three different collections we offer. We have classic elements, crystal elements, and chroma elements to choose to put in your bases. Here is what your preferred collection type says about you. 

If you gravitate towards our classic collection, you like things you wear to have meaning. You're intentional about what you put out into the world. When you wear something, you want to use it as a vessel to share bits and pieces of who you are. You also probably like to stick to the basics—you might wear a lot of neutrals and like to feel put together. You might not open up to people easily, you craft what people learn about you when they meet you. However, once someone gets you to open up, they're with you for life. You also might be pretty level-headed. You don't lose your temper often and are great at making decisions and giving your friends reality checks. 

If you tend to choose from our crystal collection, you probably are very spiritual. You firmly believe in karma, fate, and higher powers that control how the universe works. You likely are deeply empathetic. You feel what others are feeling and are affected by your friends' moods. Because you're empathetic, you also are great at consoling your friends and tend to connect emotionally with others pretty easily. You also might be the "eco-friendly" friend. You are always reminding your friends to recycle and teaching them new ways to be more climate-conscious. You appreciate Mother Earth and all she's done for you. You also have a great sense of style. You have an eye for thrifting great pieces and have a style that is uniquely yours. 

If you prefer our chroma collection, you might be very creative. You always have great ideas and are consistently working on something new. You are also likely optimistic. Your glass half-full attitude is infectious. Your friends turn to you to remind them of the bright side of any situation. You might be energetic. Your bubbly personality makes people want to be around you and it scares you to be still for too long. You also might have people-pleasing tendencies. You want people to like you and might bend over backwards at times to make sure they're satisfied. You simply care a lot for the people in your life and will do anything to make sure they're happy. 

Identify Yourself in CONQUERing

After reading through this, you might see bits and pieces of yourself in each of these descriptions. Maybe our description is accurate and you align with the type of jewelry you prefer. 

You might also see your friends in these descriptions depending on what their jewelry preferences are! Maybe you just choose your jewelry because you like how it looks. 

We hope that you enjoyed this fun post and resonate with some of what was said. If you'd like to shop based on the above descriptions, check out our full product offerings page!

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