Abalone Shell: The Emotional Stabilizer

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Abalone is a type of mollusk whose shell acts as an exoskeleton. They produce pearls and are considered a delicacy in the seafood cuisine space. Abalone Shell is a rainbow iridescent color, and is a powerful cleansing crystal that comes from an abalone. 

Abalone Shell has its own healing properties, associations, and chakra alignments that can help you determine if it's the right crystal for you. 

The goal of this post is to educate you on your new Abalone Shell crystal spinner. If you are at the start of your crystal healing journey, you can check out our Crystals: 101 Guide to learn more about the practice.

Emotional Protection from the Mother of Pearl

For those who practice crystal healing, Abalone Shell is a first choice when you need an emotional stabilizer. This crystal is believed to help you let go of any negativity you've been harboring and anything that's been weighing your down. It is known for its grounding abilities when you're feeling stressed. 

Abalone Shell is also appreciated for promoting feelings of peace. This crystal would be a great gift for a new parent that is adjusting to parenthood and struggles to find moments to themselves. Abalone Shell is believed to be able to help them find those pockets of peace. 

A lot of people have used Abalone Shell to relieve stress and anxiety as well. You might consider wearing Abalone Shell during periods of time at work that you know are going to be busy. You can try using this crystal as prevention if you know you're entering an overwhelming part of life. 

Abalone Shell is associated with: 

  • Protection
  • Emotional Balance
  • Tranquility
  • Harmony
  • Clarity

You will set intentions that guide your crystal healing journey—deciding on what those intentions are can come from what your crystal is associated with. In this case, if you are looking to achieve protection or tranquility (or any of the other associations listed above) you might consider practicing with Abalone Shell.

Abalone Shell is primarily aligned with the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is associated with our feelings of self-worth. When it's out of alignment, you might feel lost in who you are and unhappy with what you see in the mirror. Don't worry, it is believed that Abalone Shell can realign the sacral chakra leaving you feeling secure in who you are.

A Powerful Cleansing Tool

Abalone Shell is a bit different than some of the other crystal spinners we offer. Typically, we'll give a few methods of cleansing for each of our spinners to ensure you're getting rid of any negative energy that might be surrounding it. These methods range from running it under water to leaving it out in the moonlight. A method that has come up before is smudging using a sage, or other herb, stick. 

Since ancient times, Abalone Shell has been used in smudging rituals. When not in spinner form, Abalone Shell is usually dish-shaped, making it the perfect vessel for catching debris from whatever herb you're using in the ritual. Since this crystal comes from the ocean, it also brings the healing powers of mother nature into your cleansing ritual. 

Our Abalone Shell spinners are not big enough to be used in smudging rituals, however. You could still wear your Abalone Shell spinner when you are conducting a cleansing ritual to still include the power of the ocean!

Begin Your Healing Journey with Abalone Shell

Now that you know what a powerful cleansing tool Abalone Shell is, it's time to start your practice. When you begin practicing crystal healing, with any crystal, the first step is to fully open your mind. Think about what doubts or skepticisms you might have about the practice and get rid of those hesitancies. 

After opening your mind, it's time to set an intention. Like we discussed earlier, it's important to have a set goal of what you'd like to accomplish with your crystal. Return to what Abalone Shell is associated with and build your intention from there. Your intention should be specific and meaningful to you. For Abalone Shell, you might consider setting an intention to stay grounded as you enter a period of turmoil. 

Once you land on an intention, take your Abalone Shell spinner and hold it in your hands. Close your eyes, find your zen, and speak your intention into the spinner. Repeat the intention into your hands a few times to really cement what you'd like to get out of crystal healing. When you wear your Abalone Shell crystal, think about your intention. Make decisions that align with that intention in your everyday life. 

As things change in your life, you might decide you want to set a new intention. That's completely normal, and to be expected. To set a new intention, simply repeat this process with your new intention. 

Live and Let Go with Abalone Shell

You're all set to start healing with Abalone Shell! When we're pushed to our limits, it can be hard to stay grounded and keep going on. We hope that your Abalone Shell spinner can help you find moments of peace. 

If you have a great experience with your Abalone Shell and what to see what other possibilities there are, check out our full crystal collection for all of our crystal offerings. 

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