Carnelian the Courageous Crystal

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Carnelian, also known as The Sunset Stone, is reddish-brown and a member of the chalcedony family. 

This crystal has its own healing properties, associations, and alignments that can help you decide if it might be the right stone for you.

The purpose of this post is to inform you about your new Carnelian Ring. If you are looking for more general information about crystals, check out our Crystals 101 guide

Courageous Carnelian

Carnelian is known as a healing stone. 

It is believed that Carnelian infuses the body with life and energy which helps to ignite your creative side. Many have used this stone to help with letting go of the past to enable moving forward into the future. 

If you feel that you’ve been struggling to find inspiration lately, you might try giving Carnelian a try. This stone is also known to assist with letting go of grudges and forgiving what has happened in the past. 

Carnelian is associated with:

  • Courage
  • Endurance
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Energy

These associations are what Carnelian is appreciated for. If you feel like you might benefit from a daily energy boost or find yourself losing steam by the end of the day, Carnelian just might be the perfect crystal for you. 

Carnelian is primarily aligned with the sacral chakra. When out of alignment, you might be feeling like you have no creative inspiration left and you might struggle with expressing your emotions. Carnelian is believed to help with realigning the sacral chakra.

Carnelian Crystal Cleansing

Crystals are powered off the energy of their surrounding environments. This means that during packaging and shipping, your spinner might attract some negative energy. This is completely natural and easily reversed. 

One method of cleansing your Carnelian is to wash it with warm, soapy water. For this crystal, the water that comes from the tap will work just fine. You only need a tiny amount of soap and will want to ensure that your spinner is completely dry before using. You can either let it air dry or use a soft, clean cloth to dry it. 

Another method of cleansing is to use the power of the sun to recharge it. Leaving your crystal in a sunny spot in the house for the day is a great way to rebalance your spinner with positive energy. 

Every once in a while you will want to engage in one of these methods again to cleanse your spinner of any negative energy it might have accumulated during everyday use. A good way to determine if it’s time for a cleanse is if your spinner appears cloudy or dirty. You could also cleanse it if you feel like you’ve been in contact with a lot of negative energy lately.

Practice Crystal Healing With Carnelian

Now that you’ve gotten rid of any negative energy that might have followed your Carnelian, it’s time to start putting it to use. 

The first step of engaging in any crystal healing is to keep an open mind about its abilities. Working through any skepticisms you might have about your spinner will help you harness the spinner’s full potential. 

Once you’ve opened your mind to the power of crystal healing, you will want to set an intention that is specific and related to the properties and associations mentioned earlier in this post. 

For Carnelian, you might consider setting an intention to work on letting go of grudges and accepting what you have experienced in the past. Another intention that you could try would be to unlock your full creative potential and to find inspiration throughout your daily life. 

Once you’ve decided what your intention will be, hold your Carnelian in your hands and speak that intention into your spinner. Repeat it a few times to really solidify for the crystal how you intend to use it. When you wear your Carnelian ring, keep your intention in mind and make decisions that align with it.

Conquer Your Day With Carnelian

Person walking on street wearing backpack and fidget ring

Now that you know what your Carnelian spinner is believed to do, it’s time to start changing your approach to life. 

If you enjoy your Carnelian spinner, consider checking out our full crystal collection to see what other crystals you can incorporate into your life. 

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