Deep Emotional Healing With Rhodonite

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Rhodonite, also known as the stone of compassion, has a pink base with gray inclusions. This stone is made of manganese silicate mineral and features unique patterns of gray inclusions. 

Rhodonite has its own properties, associations, and alignments that can help you determine if it is the right crystal for you. 

This post is designed to help you better understand the benefits of crystal healing with Rhodonite. If you are looking for more general information about crystals, check out our Crystals 101 guide

Compassionate Properties of Rhodonite

Rhodonite is revered for its properties that promote compassion. 

It is believed that Rhodonite can be used to improve self-love, help you unlearn unhealthy behaviors in relationships, and prepare you to go on a deep emotional healing journey. If you are dealing with a difficult breakup, Rhodonite might be the right crystal for you to empower you through your healing process. 

Many have used Rhodonite for self-improvement purposes. If you feel that you could benefit from more self-compassion, or if you struggle to put yourself first, Rhodonite could help you learn to love yourself. 

Rhodonite is associated with: 

  • Deep Love
  • Generosity
  • Compassion
  • Emotional Healing

These associations are what Rhodonite is appreciated for. If these associations resonate with you as areas that you’re looking to focus on, it might be a sign that Rhodonite is the crystal you should be healing with. 

Rhodonite is primarily aligned with the heart chakra and the root chakra. When out of alignment, you might be struggling to connect with yourself and others. Rhodonite is believed to be able to help realign those chakras, leaving you feeling more in tune with yourself. 

Cleansing Your Rhodonite Element

Crystals are powered by energy—energy from you and your surrounding environment. This means that during the process of shipping and handling, your crystal will come into contact with a lot of different people and environments that might end up charging your crystal with negative energy. 

To ensure that you are getting the best experience out of your crystal as possible, you will want to engage with one of the following cleansing methods to get rid of any negative energy surrounding your crystal. 

The first method you can use to cleanse your Rhodonite is to wash it with a little soapy water and a soft cloth. The water can come from the tap and can be lukewarm. If you decide to use this method, make sure your element is completely dry before wearing it. 

The next method you can use to cleanse your element is to run it under a stream of cold water. Keep your element under the stream for a few minutes to allow the water to dissipate any negative energy. Again, make sure the element is completely dry before using it. 

A final method you can use for cleansing is to charge your element in the morning light. The sun is an incredibly powerful source of energy. Every once in a while, consider leaving your element out on a ledge that has access to morning light. 

As you regularly wear your element, you will need to cleanse it every once in a while to get rid of any negative energy you come into contact with in your daily life. You can use any of the methods listed above every month or so.

Emotional Healing With Your Rhodonite

Now that you’ve gotten rid of any negative energy, it’s time to start your emotional healing journey. 

The first step to crystal healing in general is to keep an open mind about the possible outcomes. If you’re harboring any skepticism about crystal healing, you might prohibit your Rhodonite from being fully effective. 

Once you’ve primed your mind to what your Rhodonite could be capable of, you’ll want to set an intention for how you’d like to engage in crystal healing. Your intention should be specific and related to the associations and properties listed above. 

For Rhodonite, you might consider setting an intention to start putting yourself first in different facets of your life. You could also consider setting an intention to recognize what wasn’t working for you in previous relationships to move towards a healthier future. 

Once you’ve decided what your intention is going to be, hold your element in your hands and speak that intention into it. This will help guide the Rhodonite to comply with your specific use intent. As you wear the element, keep your intention in mind and make decisions that align with it.

Find Compassion With Rhodonite

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Now that you know what your Rhodonite element is believed to do, it’s time to start changing your approach to life. 

If you enjoy your Rhodonite element, consider checking out our full crystal collection to see what other crystals you can incorporate into your life. 

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