Finding Strength With Fisheye Agate

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Fisheye Agate is an incredibly unique crystal. Each stone is different—crystals can appear in a number of colors from pink and red to green and yellow to more neutral colors like browns and blacks. 

Fisheye Agate has its own healing properties, associations, and chakra alignments that can help you determine if it's the right crystal for you. 

This post is meant to educate you on your new Fisheye Agate Crystal element. If you're just starting your crystal healing journey and are looking for general information on crystals, check out our Crystals: 101 Guide

Identify Your Inner Strength

Many people believe that Fisheye Agate has a strong influence over finding your inner strength. This crystal is revered by people who have self-destructive tendencies, intentionally icy exteriors, and constant turmoil in their minds. This stone is supposed to help by making you feel more secure in who you are and open to the idea of letting people in. 

Fisheye Agate is also known for its powerful transformative properties. If you feel like your life is out of balance and you're losing confidence in your identity, Fisheye Agate can be a powerful tool to bring your life back on track and transform you into the best version of yourself. 

This can be a powerful crystal for people in their early-to-mid twenties. This is a time in our lives where everything feels uncertain and we aren't sure who we are. Fisheye Agate can help uncover your core and identify the person you are. 

Fisheye Agate is associated with: 

  • Strength
  • Reassurance
  • Transformation
  • Prosperity

If those associations resonate with you, Fisheye Agate could be the right crystal for you. The associations of a crystal can help guide your intentions for crystal healing and if your goal for healing is one of the above, we strongly recommend Fisheye Agate. 

Fisheye Agate is primarily aligned with the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is linked to our feelings of self-worth. When it's out of alignment, we're left feeling unsure of ourselves and unhappy with who we are. Fisheye Agate is believed to be able to realign the sacral charka leaving you feeling good about who you are. 

Prime your Fisheye Agate

The practice of crystal healing heavily relies on the energies in our environments, on our person, and charged in the crystal. When you're starting your crystal healing journey, you want to make sure that you're starting with a crystal that is charged with positive energy. Its not guaranteed that your Fisheye Agate element will be charged with positive energy when it arrives at your doorstep. That's okay, and to be expected! To ensure that your crystal element is primed for crystal healing, you can engage in any of the methods below to get rid of negative energy. 

The first method you can try for cleansing is washing your element with a clean, soft cloth under warm, soapy water. Water from the tap will work fine for this. You'll want to run your element under the water and clean with the soapy cloth for a couple of minutes to make sure any negative energy is removed. Before you begin wearing your element, make sure it's completely dry! 

The second method you can use for cleansing is sunlight. This is definitely one of the easier methods for cleansing because it only requires you to leave the crystal for an extended period of time. If you're going to leave it outside in direct sunlight, don't leave it out long or your crystal might experience color damage. The safest way to cleanse using sunlight is to find a sunny area in your home and leave the element there for a few hours. 

The third method you can use for cleansing is moonlight. Both the sun and the moon have powerful energy that can affect your crystal. Moonlight might be a little easier than sunlight because you just need to leave your element out overnight. The best time to do this is during a full moon when its in its most powerful state. Find a spot in your home that will have direct access to moonlight the entire night and leave it there. Your crystal will be ready to wear when you wake up!

In addition to those methods, you could also use a selenite plate for cleansing. Selenite is a charging crystal that is believed to remove negative energy from anything it touches. Selenite plates are perfect for storage—if you want to display your crystal elements when you aren't wearing them, a selenite plate would be a great option! We have three offerings on our website for selenite plates: ZodiacChakra, and Tree of Life.

Remember that when you wear your crystal regularly it will come into contact with negative energy. This is why you'll want to engage in one of the above methods every few weeks or so to make sure you're getting the best possible experience from crystal healing. Using the moonlight is a good way to keep track of cleansing if you decide to cleanse every full moon. That will ensure you're keeping up with the maintenance of Fisheye Agate every month. 

Reap the Benefits of Fisheye Agate

Person with their hands crossed. Both hands are wearing a Fisheye Agate Crystal Fidget Ring.

Now that your crystal element is primed for use, it's time to start your healing journey! If you've never practiced crystal healing before, we will run through the steps you should take to start using your Fisheye Agate crystal element. The first step to crystal healing with any crystal is to think about what skepticisms and doubts you have about the practice. If you doubt that healing will work, it is believed that you're hindering your crystals full potential. Get rid of those doubts and go into this journey with an open mind. 

Once you've opened your mind to the possibilities of crystal healing, you'll want to set an intention for how you'd like healing to go. Return to the associations that we outlined above to begin thinking of what your intention will be. You also will want your intention to be relatively specific so it's clear what you'd like the outcome of the practice to be. For Fisheye Agate, you might consider setting an intention to open yourself up to new people that will come into your life. 

After deciding what your intention will be, take your Fisheye Agate element and hold it in your hands. Close your eyes and speak your intention into the element. Repeat this intention a few times and commit it to memory. As you wear the crystal, return to what your intention is and think about your progress. In your daily life, are you making choices that align with your intention? 

You might decide that you want set a new intention as your life changes and you grow as a person. That's to be expected. To set a new intention, engage in one of the cleansing methods above to start with a fresh slate and then repeat this intention-setting process. 

Find your Purpose with Fisheye Agate

It's time to start practicing crystal healing with Fisheye Agate! In life, we're constantly going through changes and transformations. We hope that your Fisheye Agate element makes you feel more secure in these changes and makes transformations run smoother. 

If you enjoy your Fisheye Agate element and want to see what other possibilities there are for crystal healing, check out our full crystal collection for all of our offerings!

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