Meet Tammy Nelson

CONQUERing CEO sitting at a desk putting together fidget rings

Tammy Nelson is the founder and CEO of CONQUERing. Tammy co-created CONQUERing with her son, Jake, making this an incredibly meaningful project for her. 

Since its creation, Tammy has grown CONQUERing into a globally recognized, Inc. 5000 brand. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration behind starting this project, the many hats Tammy wears, and other fun facts about her!

Tammy: The Founder and CEO

CONQUERing all began with Tammy’s personal life goal: To help 3 million people feel empowered. The beautiful fidget jewelry that Tammy sells reminds people to live with the intention to conquer every day of their lives. This brand is just one way Tammy is achieving this personal goal. 

“After the loss of my mom, I reflected on the many valuable gifts she gave me, including her unwavering belief that anything is possible. I realized not many people have that type of confidence to chase their dreams. That's why we created CONQUERing—to help our customers keep their intentions at the forefront of their minds and empower them to conquer their day with purpose. The name 'CONQUERing' is a reflection of this goal, as we want our customers to feel empowered to conquer their day.”

Every decision Tammy has made about CONQUERing is always influenced by the desire to leave people feeling empowered. People clearly resonate with the brand, so much so that it is the fastest-growing jewelry brand on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America. Most important to their mission, CONQUERing has already helped empower nearly 100,000 people to conquer their days.

Tammy: The Professional

Besides being an entrepreneur, Tammy also has a traditional full-time role as the Chief Marketing Officer of an insurance company. Having previously served in similar roles at three Fortune 500 companies, the marketing skills she’s honed throughout her career have definitely been a great asset in growing CONQUERing.

Likewise, leading CONQUERing provides a lot of benefits to her traditional corporate marketing role because it has required her to gain first-hand experience using the latest marketing techniques, tools and platforms that didn’t exist when she was in her more junior, hands-on corporate marketing roles.

CONQUERing is a passion project for Tammy – a creative outlet that helps her fulfill her life’s purpose. Another way she works toward that mission is to share her passion with students and young professionals. She has spoken to groups of students at the University of Cincinnati, Miami University and the University of Southern California, to name a few.

Tammy also is focused on helping young professionals with CONQUERing. The Make Waves Program recognized young people who are amplifying their voices and making positive changes in their communities. As a brand, CONQUERing recognizes these changemakers and gives them a platform to share their message.

Tammy: Outside of the Office

Tammy has been married 28 years and is a mom to three children.

Her oldest, Jake, is the co-creator of CONQUERing and is named on all their patents. He works full-time in the business as the Product Marketing Manager and is responsible for product development, inventory management, manufacturing, product photography and the company’s website, just to name a few of his main responsibilities.

Via, is a Fashion Design student at the University of Cincinnati. She is also a Social Media Specialist for CONQUERing, helps scout talent for photo shoots and has modeled for the brand herself. Just recently, she applied her design talents in a new way – designing CONQUERing’s newest ring band called the ViaDeco.

Nora, Tammy’s youngest daughter, has even been involved in the business. She has been a model and her love of crystals was the inspiration for their top-selling crystal product line.

Outside of working on CONQUERing together, Tammy and her family love to travel, go boating and are even on the producing team for a female-powered Broadway-bound musical called SuperYou about – you guessed it – empowerment.

Tammy: The Person

Now you know more about Tammy Nelson, the founder and CEO of CONQUERing. 

When reflecting on the rapid growth of the business and making it in the top 500 of the Inc. 5000 list, Tammy shared, "When I think about earning a spot on the same list that first gave national exposure to well-known retailers like Patagonia, Zappos and Under Armour, I have to admit I'm in awe to be among those brands I admire. Most important, though, is knowing our extraordinary growth allows us to make a positive impact in the lives of more people."

Feeling that it is her life’s purpose to pass along the gift her mom gave her – the unwavering belief that anything is possible – Tammy feels that leading CONQUERing is one of the best ways she can do that. 

While there are many products with inspiring messages, like tote bags, t-shirts, posters, and mugs, they often go unnoticed because you don't interact with them on a daily basis. CONQUERing’s interchangeable fidget jewelry is different. The wearer can change the message or crystal each day to reflect their needs and focus, so the empowering messages stay top of mind. This daily interaction helps them live with intention and guides their life in the direction they desire, making them feel empowered every day.

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