Prosper With Onyx

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Onyx crystal is a solid black chalcedony. Each Onyx stone is unique and will sometimes have different colored layers. 

This crystal has its own properties, associations, and alignments that give it unique abilities. 

This post is designed to help you better understand your new Onyx crystal ring. If you are looking for more information about crystals in general to help you decide what might be right for you, check out our comprehensive guide

Onyx Associations

Onyx is appreciated for its lucky properties. 

Many believe that Onyx can be used to encourage good fortune and attract positive energy. This stone is known for its ability to help you let go of the past to start manifesting for the future. 

If you find yourself frequently holding grudges that are preventing you from moving forward with your life, you might give Onyx a try. Onyx can also be beneficial for those who are looking for their luck to overturn or feel weighed down by negative energy. 

Onyx is associated with:

  • Protection
  • Willpower
  • Strength
  • Focus
  • Motivation

These associations can give you an idea of how Onyx might empower you in your daily life. This stone is great to give to someone who is taking a leap of faith into a new business venture or someone who has been through a lot in their past and wants to start looking toward the future. 

Onyx is primarily aligned with the root chakra. If this chakra is out of alignment, you might be feeling unbalanced or unstable. It is believed that Onyx can realign your root chakra to leave you feeling grounded.

Cleansing Your Onyx Crystal

Crystals are incredibly susceptible to the energies around them. During packaging and handling, there is a chance your Onyx crystal element came into contact with negative energy. 

Using one of the following methods can help you rid your crystal of negative energy. Getting rid of this type of energy can help you get the most effective use out of your crystal. 

One method you can use is to circle your Onyx element in the smoke of burning sage. You can obtain this smoke by burning a bundle of sage or sage incense. 

Another method that can be used is leaving your element in direct sunlight for the day. Put the element in a spot that has access to the sun in the morning and take it out of the light when it begins to set. 

Another option for cleansing is you leave your element in the direct moonlight overnight. Preferably, this would be during a full moon. This method is great for when you need to recharge your crystal after using it for an extended period of time. Leaving your element out overnight every time there is a full moon is a great way to make sure your Onyx is charged with positive energy.

Healing With Your Onyx Crystal

Now that you’ve cleansed your Onyx crystal, I’m sure you’re wondering what comes next. The next step to getting your crystal all set up for use is to set an intention for how you will use your element. 

The intention should be specific and relevant to the properties and associations we have identified above. 

A great intention for Onyx is for it to give you the strength to forgive those you have held grudges against and to stop it from preventing you from moving forward. You could also set an intention to attract positive energy when you are dealing with a particularly difficult time.

Once you have decided what your intention will be, hold your Onyx element in your hand and repeat that intention into it. While you wear your ring, keep your intention in mind and make choices that align with that intention.

Look Toward the Future With Onyx

Two people typing on a laptop wearing fidget rings

Now that you know what your Onyx element is believed to do, it’s time to start changing your approach to life. 

If you enjoy your Onyx element, consider checking out our full crystal collection to see what other crystals you can incorporate into your life. 

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